DDO 2.0 Story Boss Gameplay Battle Alchemist — Cool Guy Leo — Dragon’s Dogma Online

I haven’t played this game in a very a long time. XD
Catching up on story missions, Nice guy Leo, my hero.
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Комментариев: 35
  1. Kagura Lion

    just fuckin want this game in NA T_T

  2. zawette

    When is it releasing internationally ?

  3. Guroga Marduk

    Hey it's the scene from the trailer!

  4. GrassHopper

    is that a bug or an attack ,the part where he jumps on one leg and attacks the boss 2:00

  5. A G

    Daimon reskin ?

  6. Okanu_90

    Did they improved the faces and the models overall since the beginning?

  7. AlexisNuma

    still waiting for na

  8. naruto00nix

    looks like a cool game? will it come to europe before or after world war III though? XD

  9. Nightmare Blade

    Irritating how they wasted the time and resources on a region locked mmo rather than an actual sequel. I'm sure capcom got enough from the steam release of DDDA, so I don't see why they haven't started working on a DD2 unless they have future plans. Odd, but I know that a sequel would be extremely popular here in the west.

  10. DaFlavourFace

    Just wondering: are you playing on max graphics or are they low/medium? And was this mission actually multiplayer or solo? If solo, are all story missions solo?

  11. Jin Kisaragi

    Hey can we play without problems now? I recall having a hard time actually downloading it and logging in.

  12. Dude Why

    Why is there no global version!!!

  13. r3dGilgamesh

    This game feels like berserk now, and the alchemist class still seems out of place, however fucking amazing it is.
    Sometimes i wish i could play this, but then i remember it's just a rehash mmo instead of DD2.

  14. Taya Tong

    bthis game require so much teaming it feels like ffxi…..wont make it to na, i used to play this on japanese off hours, the city an doutside is as good as dead

  15. Jonatas Nogueira

    Villain with an edgy muffed voice. Why they love to use this voice effect?

  16. Ronin Okami

    Not so rare footage of capcom tripping by not bringing this to the states.. #howcanyoumessthisup


    Some kind of bare handed mage!? Holy shit that looks so awesome. Dammit Japan, why u keep all the good MMOs to yourself!?

  18. ◀A.G.E▶

    great as usual, thanks for sharing Steparu Sama

  19. SnowTV

    why this is not coming to NA already!

  20. Xanmoas Livestreams

    Sees stone rings … Rolling around at the speed of sound, got places to go, got to follow my rainbow!

  21. ncken987

    Look like a fun mmo

  22. No Body

    You really enjoy alchemist huh?

  23. VadamDxD

    Leo reminds me of Azure lol

  24. Delta

    made me remember True Ogre from tekken. ;D

  25. Mortally Challenged

    Trampoline class looks lit

  26. Francesco Vassallo

    They just recicled half of Daimon moveset kek

  27. Mortally Challenged

    The name of your party members, are you playing with yourself or something? lol

  28. J

    are you gonna play loli class in AxE? I was able to get in that cbt

  29. 매튜

    [Roars in Japanese]

  30. Aurelian Dumitru

    Camera movement is such a crap in my humble opinion, and the fact that u can «hike« the boss, doesnt «wow« me at all.

  31. Lune

    Dragon's Dogma Its Liife , i freaking love dark arisen, Im ready to play this one on Ps4 one Day~~

  32. Redd Dizon

    curious, can you party up with Pawns + other players ?

  33. aimon aidark Larios

    you really are far behind.. they gonna release next season a gladiator armred cyclops and roman theme enemy and allies

  34. Wrench T

    The game is remastered now for ps4

  35. Brick Through Time

    that dark knight who can't speak properly is a bad fella

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