Crucible Alpha Hunters Victory We Are Smol & Cute Steam F2P Early Access

Crucible F2P Early Access just went live a few hours ago, here is a full match gameplay preview of the Alpha Hunters mode a 2v2 Battle Royale between 16 players. Bugg and Tosca are the cutest characters, everyone else is ugly.

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Комментариев: 28
  1. Circe The Deceiver

    ayy cute

  2. MMROX

    It reminded me of Paragon.

  3. Sabin

    the way your character moves triggers me.

  4. Nanbopally

    These style games shut down after a year, so far everyone has.

  5. MsMailZ

    Как игра?

  6. Naughty adventures of mcBrouhaha in a vacuum

    I really dont like it
    -teleport feels clunky with the camera
    -voice is very annoying
    -doesn’t look like you’re hitting anything
    -its not statisfying to kill anything

  7. naruto00nix

    why is this even in the mmorpg section of steam? XD

  8. Kor Taffel

    Furry Valorant where you choose your gender with a rainbow?

  9. Astral Blaze

    That camera doesn't need to bounce around with the character

  10. Astral Blaze

    That camera doesn't need to bounce around with the character

  11. PandoraWolf

    Why would they give a blinking character a shotgun :D it makes sense but from a balancing aspect…….

  12. Tora-Ky

    Already dead, maybe If it was a tps with tdm or ffa,maybe but maybe it had a chance,but furry stuff its too weird for me

  13. forLogic5

    Kinda looks like Paragon huh

  14. poopikins

    Gotta waste a medkit

  15. Planeswalker Gaming

    That char looks like a Tera Popori 🙂

  16. SL

    The bouncing run animation is really grating and annoying

  17. en -V

    I Uninstalled the game after 2 matches

  18. TT

    reminds me a little bit of Ratchet and Clank with that support following you

  19. SoulEchelon

    Not sure why people are complaining about how this character moves. It's a freakin' squirrel (or something similar). His body is clearly not humanoid. He's not going to walk/run like we do.
    Anyways, looks pretty unique character-wise. Sadly I'm not into pvp games nowadays or I'd check it out. Might do so anyway just to see the other characters.

  20. GameFuMaster

    more battle royales jeez. Who even thinks they're a good idea anymore?

  21. DirtiestHaRRy

    It feels like characters have too many HPs…

  22. Raken Navarro

    Nothing new… not bad for being the first game of Amazon but doesnt offer anything new or interesting to keep playing it.

  23. WarriorWillowCat

    Space cats??? Im in.

  24. Can O' Sponge

    Just not a enough content for a moba. I've played like 4 games and I fell like that's it. Games have very little variance as of now so matches are repetitive. There is like a complete absence of 'builds'.

  25. Alexis Alvarez


  26. borgqueenx

    appriciate your videos and still happy you are back. you are a gamer that values cuteness over other things, and i totally agree with that mindset.

  27. Loki

    Just letting you know step but youtube has not shown me a single one of your videos in like a year i literally thought you quit youtube and when i was cleaning out my subs today found you were actually still uploading.

  28. Avalon19511

    ok first thing I think they need to change is the hopping, it would be annoying as a movement system

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