Core Online Playable Classes

Core Online Review!

Developer: ENTWELL |
Publisher: ENTWELL |
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Комментариев: 11
  1. WafflezGraal

    are classes gender locked in this game?

  2. lizxfiasco

    Make me want to play all the games!

  3. Mike The Gamer

    this looks a LOT like TERA.

  4. Mike The Gamer

    saves on resources. or its just laziness

  5. Arkz5

    Is there some logical reason why they do this Step? Just seems so dumb…"You like being a tank/melee? Hope you enjoy making a male character!" >_<

  6. Saber Plate

    All the classes look incredibly generic, I pass.

  7. Travis Bonds


  8. Samyaza1


  9. v


  10. hard mode

    dude, make an account in this game is worst than ask for a credit

  11. -VideogameDoNG -

    Wait they used this soundtrack on Nostale A7
    XDDDDDDDDDDDD failing company it deserves to go down

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