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Core Online Review!

Developer: ENTWELL |
Publisher: ENTWELL |
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Комментариев: 19
  1. WizPigTactics

    horse's legs look stiff as fuck!

  2. xdomg

    hahahahha the animations in this game are just ………

  3. Cress

    Hey step why dont you make a voice review? we want to hear your voice!!

  4. Deathandtheapple

    I think Darksider is probably one of the few games that had horse noises down.

  5. Daniel Leonardo

    What the fuck is wrong with that horse!! O.o

  6. aoepanda1980

    I think his korean.

  7. Cress

    its "She" and she is from California U.S.

  8. SoBe AzN

    Horses are so generic as mounts in mmo's. Wish someone would come up with something different and more awesome then horses

  9. aoepanda1980

    ah ok playing male toon got me lol.but she is korean right?

  10. ZdravkoPvP

    The running animations on that horse are so floaty and terrible, I can't imagine combat .

  11. Cress

    I really dont know that

  12. Digital Mattness

    The sound of those hooves.. Sounds extremely unnatural.

  13. Christian

    I would even prefer TERA^^
    The textures of this game are horrible x.x

  14. EXOvV

    Graphic shit and move shit

  15. EXOvV

    Game suck

  16. Emunk Danoti

    seriously "she"?

  17. EllBock

    It's a moonwalker horse!

  18. stef2130

    where do I go to play this game

  19. -VideogameDoNG -

    Putting this soundtrack into nostale is kinda lazy af

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