Core Online First Look Massive PvP Level 10 SvSvS

Core Online Review!

Developer: ENTWELL |
Publisher: ENTWELL |
Game Site:

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Комментариев: 12
  1. NIvek

    Anyone know if this game will be f2p?

  2. LolReally

    Game even fun?

  3. WizPigTactics

    Biggest cluster fuck of what the fuck 2013…

  4. Pepe God

    for ur case its b2p

  5. relai3100

    gameplay reminds me of Requiem

  6. Suciu Calin

    steparu its only in korean language

  7. ZdravkoPvP

    The sounds ruined my ears.

  8. notteverde

    It will be released in europe by gamania, if i remember well

  9. Neaxis Kariko

    Steparu do you know if that will in english version of that game??

  10. Verixl

    Nice butterfly wings at the start. :p

  11. digbick

    Looks like a really bad tera

  12. Different

    too boring, no customization with few classes… I guess it would be fun in a 4v4 but massive battles feel the same. Not terrible though I give it  an 8/10 like tera~ needs more customization combat system seems nice (and when I say customization I don't mean costumes…)

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