Core Online First Look Level 10 Solo Instance Dungeon

Berserker play the inferno boss looked cool @ 4:03
Char. Animation still feels weird? I dunno.

Developer: ENTWELL |
Publisher: ENTWELL |
Game Site:

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  1. Setonex

    This looks soo bad and boring, i mean the skills in WoW looks more dynamic and cool then this and WoW is 9 years old

  2. jorge pajo

    That's not a loli…

  3. Виктор Вечный

    What about others classes in this game ?
    Do u show them ?

  4. ulasyea

    my comment after 1minute of watching: it looks like you are playing on wooden pc. or client doesnt let you get more than 10 fps. :o this game really has problems about 'smooth gameplay'ing.

  5. WizPigTactics

    from what i recall his pc is a beast so its most likely the game.

  6. HyPerN0v4

    hey step , how do u like the game so far ?

  7. Jazneo Gaming

    graphic dont make the game fun. developer need to remember there making a game not making a art gallery

  8. EXOvV

    Playmobil game whit graphic of bullshit

  9. Simple15ish

    so many cores right — —
    moba = core master
    action rpg = core online
    and your blade core

  10. Wasabishi

    ?!?! A guy character?!!

  11. gipro1

    Movement looks a little robotic. Are there any games like this other than Vindictus that have very nice and fluent character movements?

  12. Fluffykun08

    Reminds me of aion.

  13. Geno Cide

    What's with the developers today making dungeon based MMOs instead of open world? Would be boring soloing a dungeon to farm. :(

  14. Ibrahim Wazzi

    I wouldnt suggest raiderz. As a ex vindi player I can assure you that raiders wont satisfy you in the least.
    Unfortunately I have yet to find a quality game to replace it

  15. davin elian

    TERA online :)

  16. davin elian

    TERA online :)

  17. Buraddo Bruddah

    even the logo loox its ripped off from tera

  18. Sky Dice

    Vindictus arn RaiderZ both are motion captured games.

  19. MrDoodlez

    try pso2

  20. gipro1

    PSO 2 is alright, but nowhere near as fluent as Vindictus. The only other game that I can list at the moment with really good movement fluency would be Blade and Soul.

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