Core Online Character Customization Open Beta Witch & Magician HD

Core Online Review!

Developer: ENTWELL |
Publisher: ENTWELL |
Game Site:

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  1. Setonex

    hey Step the games feel more like Aion ye? or something new?

  2. Keeper Filmz

    PANTSU!! <3

  3. Jeremiah S

    "OMG what do these sliders do!?" -Steparu

  4. Jazneo Gaming

    they should worry about gameplay more then worry about dam graphics. this game is soo generic i bet they just pay the 3d model artist and hire a $8 a hour generic combat system programmer

  5. 888GRM

    And perhaps a hot secretary.

  6. Jazneo Gaming

    usley they hire the girl that dont know nothing about games lol but only good for paper work like screwattack does lol

  7. Hugo

    Dat customization

  8. Mad Mario

    Im aroused.

  9. Axel Zakurov

    dat is a perfect body ._.

  10. DarkstarYesh

    At the beginning it looked like she had a dick…just saying….

  11. Beko Kookie

    This is core blaze right?

  12. Edushian


  13. SuperKlizzard

    Somebody get this woman a sports bra for fighting! Those things will be flying all over the place. Ouch. T.T

  14. Johnnie Vader


  15. Johnnie Vader

    Yo Step have we got any news about EU/NA Release?….do u have an idea or nah?…I would really like to play this game im in EU!!!

  16. Syn Jay

    Wtf , were you doing . Seemed pointless to keep clikcing back and forth .

  17. Anti-Gravity

    Fanservice is strong with this one!

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