Core Online Character Customization Open Beta Guardian & Healer HD

Try to behave! :3
Guardian & Healer body customization.

Developer: ENTWELL |
Publisher: ENTWELL |
Game Site:

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Комментариев: 41
  1. Th3uNn3rV3d

    The core of any badass character is obviously… colored lingerie.

  2. Dark Thoughts

    Weirdest breathing animation ever …

  3. anEverquestPlayer01

    if only this was a char creator for next gen blow up dolls

  4. RegulusZamora

    even the smaller breasts still big .-. This Asian…

  5. Crescendyr

    What is this? Is it a MMOPORNO?

  6. Rudy Phillips

    1:18 because every warrior does battle in 5 inch lift platform shoes. I hope thats the female armor, all though its a bit much for todays standards.

  7. George NoX

    those asian guys sure love their boobies :)

  8. UngasKaBitch

    fuck gameplay, the real game is character customization. Because in the end, when you're capped and geared the only thing you'll do is stare at your character and jump around towns.

  9. Malfurionxtc

    damn dat cleavage O.O

  10. SpungBob

    there is only 1 reason i would play this game…lol

  11. Denesh TM

    tight ass,big Boobs hell yeah!

  12. 최태인

    로리좋아할거같은 새끼네

  13. Anthony McGee

    how do you play this game

  14. ExcaliburJones

    Waifu maker 1.0

  15. filthyweeb

    I came for the tits

  16. Xtreme Tactical Combat

    She must have just run a marathon.

  17. AwakenedBeing898

    Boobs move too much when she breathes that is going to bug the shit out of me!!

  18. Malfurionxtc

    PS Core online is now Core Offline — discontinued…. so dont hope that u will play this game…

  19. Daniel Serrano


  20. Daniel Serrano

    no true combat :S target system

  21. 1Patinho Foi Passear


  22. Komron Sedighi


  23. Tameichi Hara

    All these games have big alien eyes.

  24. Joaquin Auzenne

    even the small boobs are huge, god damn it…

  25. AosGame

    what music in video?

  26. Xquid

    can't hold my boner.. :T


  27. Pandie Goodies

    This suppose to be some sex game?

  28. EXMaverick

    what game is this?

  29. Spicy Sad

    will this be released in english?

  30. Sixgorillionshekelswindler Shlomo

    Wow, beautiful graphics!

  31. ari majestik

    Game PEPEK

  32. Fakyra XoXo

    oh yeaaaah

  33. CRXW

    whats the name of the game

  34. Becky

    the game has been discontinued.

  35. András kozák

    Yes. Women cupsize always go one or two size between two breathtaking!

  36. Sosa32

    What is the name of this game? please. I see that is very interesting.

  37. Rick Coultish

    Is it black desert online?


    too hot O_O

  39. Mo Mo

    LMFAO this game is discontinued

  40. Den

    damn they look very sexy!

  41. ToupouButtercup

    Hopefully they will add twin tails

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