Core Online Character Customization Open Beta Blader & Berserker HD

Female fanservice time! oo la la!?
Blader & Berserker body customization.

Developer: ENTWELL |
Publisher: ENTWELL |
Game Site:

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Комментариев: 20
  1. Anikii Wabbit

    wer de loli at???

  2. md god

    so cool <3 :D

  3. mazaisvilijs

    thought its core blaze :/

  4. mazaisvilijs

    if he had big head, he would look stupid and not so muscular

  5. Wllt

    Looks with me *—*

  6. ArecArws

    Noooot true, if he had a big head hed appear to be short lol weird huh? When i draw i do that lol

  7. ArecArws

    graphics look interesting.

  8. Gregory Harris

    His head should be about 1.2x bigger.

  9. 18kitkit

    dat body

  10. Mestre Bruno

    'm practicing bodybuilding, my dream is to have the body that

  11. WizPigTactics

    if they allowed to manage the dick size i wonder if there would be any guy that wouldn't keep it at the maximum.

  12. v

    dat abs

  13. hard mode

    steparu, could you make a video tutorial to download and create account in english , please?

  14. hard mode

    the upper or the lower?LOOOOOOOOOOOL

  15. Nefis

    No boobs :/

  16. Buraddo Bruddah

    1.Blade 2.Blader 3. Bladest

  17. Spencer Juve

    dem nipples tho.

  18. zappzoe

    In this game, you can choose haircuts… and fitting underwear!
    when are we suppose to show it off? lol.

  19. Yazzaru Yasser

    i feel gay waching this

  20. Javier Y

    looks aallloot like Tera Online

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