Core Masters Online Yami Gameplay Early Beta Day 1
Next video I will explain gameplay mechanics.

One of my first few matches as Yami a Magic based champion.
Her Q is a physical damage delayed pumpkin explosion move.
Her W is a magic damage damage over time move.
Her E is an igniting skill, every time you hit enemies with Q, W, or R they will get a debuff. Once they get one stack you ignite with E and they explode.
Her R skill is a massive AoE that stuns and binds everyone it hits.


I like to max out E first because it is very strong then max out W afterwards. Q is a physical skill so unless you equip your character with items that increase physical + magic damage at the same time you want to max this skill last.

Q is very good for targeting enemies with a debuff so that you can ignite them from far away.

W is very strong damage over time and will most likely kill enemies that is running away or you can ignite them.

E is godly.

R very good to use right before your tank initiates because it will stun everyone and you can toss another Q or W in before you ignite their whole team.

Starting skill Q E W E E R then max E R W Q in that order. Or you can level up both W and E at the same time.

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  1. Aleksander

    dafuq snarfin xD

  2. Tiero Betanius

    So what's so special about this one compared to Dota, HoN or LoL?

  3. Furorentsu

    Looks pretty fun

  4. Lee Boy

    Do you ever talk on these vids?

  5. Kwamel Joselyn

    I wanna play this game, it makes me sad that i cant :/

  6. Hantzie

    Another MOBA… really… I'm sick of this mobas.

  7. Daniel Le

    No defense skill?…. U said magic defense champion. You dumb shit. There is no defense skill for a defense champ besides the R? Possibly? Lololol

  8. jamu

    The age of MOBA's….

  9. Klaphood

    And I LOVE your vids, Steparu! Don't change anything. You have been one of my, if not the most favourite MMO Channel for new MMOs here on YouTube for years now! Thank you for that. :)

  10. hellogoodbye219

    Nice video. Is the game as fast paced as the other mobas? Btw, my gf is the one who announces, kills etc etc. Pretty cool.

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