Core Masters Online New Map Ranking Mode Review

Basketball Time, Full Review below.

Developer: SOFT BIG BANG
Game Site:

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  1. xRennyBx


  2. mazaisvilijs

    lol lol?

  3. Aurora

    please more blade and soul!! :)

  4. Adrian

    Oh how I wish we could get this game soon!

  5. meesh11p

    Looks fun! I really hope someone localizes it! D:

  6. Geobardi

    Finally a MOBA that is not a DOTA copy, it seems really fun, i hope we can play it in the future.

  7. xamide

    trash game.

  8. Jeff R.

    RHP (Rock Hippo Productions ) will be publishing this game online in the U.S / Worldwide (?)

  9. Mihai Radu

    This is a LoL copy … :|

  10. KKG -

    better than lol

  11. Jason Henrie

    Whats the point of this game? Someone plz tell me

  12. Ady Dycu

    Grafica mai buna !! :)

  13. xKyuubi


  14. Xhershe

    this is like league of legends… lel

  15. OnyxRogue


  16. TrojkaWolf

    4:27 there comes zilean!

  17. Zdrav ko neka baba

    Omg fuck lol this is better so much better!!!!!

  18. Dixney

    queria que voltasse brawl busters

  19. Araragi Koyomi

    Playing w/o voices ? Are you ill ? :(

  20. Denis 1947

    Salut cum pot sa descarc jocul ?

  21. Metrics

    Cant wait til eu can play

  22. Ashlar Roy

    look like ah smartphone game ^_^

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