Core Masters Online Isia The Loli with a Flying Dolphin

Review now live!
Can’t wait for voices to come out! My favorite character was unlocked last night. Didn’t get to play much yesterday because I am upgrading my website atm. Busy all week :(

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Developer: SOFT BIG BANG
Game Site:

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Комментариев: 25
  1. NoxOtus

    her head is enormous…

  2. HellPerro

    soooo cute!!!

  3. 悅穎

    Looks like League only cuter! :D

  4. Charmchar

    Does anyone know when this will get released?

  5. monkeycrab8

    i want a loli with a dolphin.

  6. Minorin

    Her ability sound effects are ridiculously adorable ;D

  7. John Doe

    I have learned from this channel that the power of "Moe" in the hands of large-eyed pre-pubescent little girls is truly something to be feared.

    So it's not surprising to me that in this vid, Loli + Dolphin = Crushing Your Enemies and Driving Them Before You.

  8. Snow Blackfrost

    best champ name ever Isia The Loli with a Flying Dolphin xD

  9. Bedwyr

    this game reminds me of warcraft 3

  10. Dark Wish

    Dolphin loli : splash splash nano desu

  11. Fobia JP

    league of legend…where?

  12. JJstriker01

    "shhh splash""shhh splash""shhh splash""BOOOOOOM" I love the sound effects :D

  13. Guix Grimoire

    This game looks rather interesting… Can you buy items or just "upgrades" ?

  14. Holo

    It bothers me to no end that she's riding a whale/dolphin, but it swims using sinusoidal back-and-forth movements, like a fish! xD Did any one else notice that?

  15. Jonathan Park

    That awkward moment when your ultimate doesn't go through walls. Also this reminds me of dominion in LoL a lot more than DotA..

  16. XxNeku SakuxX

    Seems like steparu was made to play Isia xD straight up merked the other team

  17. Dragoon-BB

    Man I want a moba with loli's in it but that's just not enough…..A LOLI ON A DOLPHIN!? Shut up and take my money!

  18. Tsukuruya

    Oh god, KR Lulu so damn cute.

  19. Vanilla Bean

    Is this going to be in English? (I don't mind the voices as long as there's subtitles! :P)

  20. Kuuga

    is this game free to play :D? i wanna try it out

  21. Vanilla Bean

    Ooh, thank you for the quick reply! :P


    Talk about ingame music going on repeat

  23. Bruno Costa

    Steparu make one video with Egypt Dog, last master in closed beta.

    I have some problem with the game, my radeon 6950 cant run this game… i dont know why

    Look my error steparu h ttp:// uql0dfk65/

  24. Joseph Rosario

    The Loli with a Flying Dolphin ??????
    um what?

  25. Maverick Lin

    LOL dolphin gilr….reminds me or corki but female…lols that skill shot water sout move is like a coprki ult :P

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