Core Masters Online Full Match First Look Gameplay Preview Katricia
Gameplay Objective Explanation.

In Core Masters mode, the first team that collects 20 Cores win.

At the left hand of the screen you will see a «Core Score Board» it will show how many Cores your team has and who is carrying them. Each player can carry a Core of their own, just make sure you don’t let the feeder pick it up.

You can not trade Cores.

Cores drop from Towers that randomly pop up in the map.

If you’re carrying a Core and get killed, you will drop a Core for your team or enemy to pick up.

Your team mate can pick up your Core or abandon it if it is too risky to get. (No point of giving away two Cores to the enemy) Unless he isn’t carrying any Cores then he can try to get the Core and hope for a clean get away.

Higher level creeps will own you, so roaming with two or more players is advised.

Will explain about item system in the next video.

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Developer: SOFT BIG BANG
Game Site:

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  1. Kwamel Joselyn

    Um……just uh >>" im just going to ignore you

  2. Kwamel Joselyn

    so what im hearing is, the first game you played with this style is LoL >>' even though it was far from the first. and the correct term is moba

  3. meesh11p

    This actually looks decent. o.o

  4. Jeremiah S

    The genre is MOBA.. say moba style, LoL isn't the only game out there with its "style"

  5. ArecArws

    this is SO BORING

  6. Wasabishi

    Please just give us this. Please.

  7. Mega Mario

    I played it yesterday and i dont understand a word thats kinda suck, coz i dunno what the item gives to me

  8. Niklas S

    Dont play japan games than lol

  9. Mega Mario

    Thats korean and dont tell me what to do!

  10. litlark

    I like how they literally just reskinned Kayle.
    I want to try this game out, but damn I hope they get more original with their hero designs.

  11. MOStein

    Pretty boring game….good vid still :)

  12. Niklas S

    Japan, Korean, Chinese. All the same. If you dont understand it, than its crap. SO DONT PLAY THIS GAME AND CRY THAT YOU DONT UNDERSTAND ANYTHING DUMB …. ASS!

  13. Zegamer

    Imo, there's been a rise in MOBA type of games and frankly, they all fail to reach the standards of DOTA and LOL. I'm not saying they can't become better, but MOBA games are hard to make and if they are, get a lot of harsh criticism.

  14. tsiao_kb

    I'm pretty sure that Katricia isn't Katarina! :D

  15. Pao Ravancho

    There are Katarina, Kayle, Akali, and Tryndamere look alikes. What a fucking rip-off copy of LOL.

  16. Mae Raindrops

    i was thinking the same

  17. Tim Y

    The way she walked i thought of shaco.


    its avaivable on english version ?

  19. Giani Cojocaru

    Lol all i see there is maokai, shako, lux and kyle

  20. SkyGames s

    shaco, maokai, kayle and jayce

  21. HakcerGmaer NewVideos

    Nice how League of Legends .

  22. Fitz powell

    yes because treents and angels were invented by riot stop being a fanboy

  23. God Westbrick

    LoL ripoff with bad gameplay

  24. Dimitar Bushev

    FCKING COPY THE LEAGUE -_- why always they try to copy why they just do something new :P

  25. Edwin

    And this is the reason brawl busters was taken down?

  26. Shakira's Hips Lied

    Steparu when is thegame coming out?

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