Contra Heroes Return Gameplay — Playable Characters — Mobile 《魂斗罗:归来》

Just came out, tried it out for nostalgia’s sake. XD!!
I still remember some of these bosses from the classic ver. More Information

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  2. JinNJuice

    No more onehit deaths? Casuals!

  3. V3n0m

    Doesn't removing the 1 hit death mechanic kind of ruins the vibe of the game? Still it feels nostalgia

  4. R. K.

    SinOAlice servers opening soon Step

  5. 鬼Gozu

    i have no childhood

  6. Revy

    HP bar? no more 1 hit kill? no 30 lives? ^,^,v,v,<,>,<,>,A,B,Select,Start …..

  7. Silver

    metal slug nostalgia haha

  8. azure98

    Its a remade NES Contra that even shows you what the original bosses looked like compared to the remade ones. This game seriously needs a "Classic" Difficulty Mode where shit just one shots you like the ol days.

  9. Nordfriesen Jung

    Moooooobile!!!why no one bring a new DoubleDragon or somethin like Snow Brothers?old 2d beat em up refreshes!!!

  10. Keasarr

    Contra. Now with tits.

    Cause tits!


    Also fucking heresy putting in a HP bar.

  11. TheMike5125

    2:33 Soldier 76 play of the game.

  12. Louvenio

    lets corrent the name of the game: Metal Slug Mobile :D

  13. SnowTV

    They bought the IP and made a mobile clone? That's why I fkin hate Chinese gaming companies. It pisses me even more that I kinda want play it :/ But fk it, I won't play any shitty mobile game.

  14. FruitsbootG

    eugh mobile. There's only a few select games that feel good on mobile, and this doesn't look like one of them

  15. Angel 0

    HP bar? this game is for filthy casuals

  16. Ong's Jukebox

    man….china is really rising huh?

  17. Souldriver9

    It obvious that that polar bear is getting paid in fish !!!

  18. Vafflin / ヴぁっふりん

    finally a game that looks good

  19. LatinSnake

    Auto aim?… no thanks i prefer the old scholl mechanics.

  20. Bregas Satria

    metal slug > this shit

  21. Cristhian Torres

    this game use internet? its mmo?

  22. Lalinha Bolinha

    Version english???

  23. Chan-Young Choi

    Reasons why the game was disappointing
    1. They replaced the 1 hit 1 kill option which was what made the game challenging and unique.
    2. Like in MMX7 they added an auto aim system which makes it frustrating when attacking certain foes.

  24. Mike and Katie Show

    I have been trying for months to get this to work on A PC in North America. I have a QQ account and all. Still dont understand how to get this game to work. please help..

  25. Mike and Katie Show

    I'll PayPal you $100 if you can get this to work for me.

  26. Tony Vo


  27. Charles Chandra

    3:00 Shenna Etranzi.

  28. Josh Roy Aljentera

    And wait… I the Mouse Cursor.

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