Conqueror’s Blade Siege Mode — Defender Team — Riye Fortress

Taking out a lot of enemy artillery and units with the fun Cannon~!
Whichever side shoots the most artillery down has the advantage. — CBT — PvP Siege — Open World

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Комментариев: 18
  1. Steparu

    02:12 weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  2. Christopher Yako

    Looks like a cool game.

  3. Randall Thornsberry

    Whose Team Riye? P.S. I was in the website & Facebook hoping to find classes so how many are there?

  4. tuan nguyen

    chino number wan

  5. Yuri Piske

    Greeting from Japan Steparu,
    As always thank you for the video!
    Just one question are still playing moonlight blade? And do you know about any release date?

  6. Shuyu

    I actually want to play this game after I found out that you can use a shortbow class. I don't remember the game on steam-I think it's something tiger? It's really similar to this but has a crappier graphic and it closed down. In that game I would always set my troops to mounted archer types. I would just encircle my opponent and their troops. As soon as they make a move I move back and keep on circling them while my troops just ride around and shoot them to death..slowly haha

    It's a very Mongolian thing to do…

  7. Hung Le

    02:12 i knew Ste aimed for this from the beginning XD

  8. Kijin Seija

    A-step, a-step steparu

  9. Nightmare

    oh shit it looks way better than dinasty warriors 9

  10. Nightmare

    7:17 lol

  11. CrystalEmbrace

    this looks really cool :o

  12. CrystalEmbrace

    getting places on the map looks really janky though XD just watching how far you have to go just to get to that other wall was really long :/ and I mean that in the sense of it felt really long with the jog and horse. Which didn't feel like it really improved your speed by much :p

  13. Bs Kata

    Fire😁^ ^

  14. zerozano

    The UI/text looks very primitive. Looks pretty choppy too.

  15. MommaLily

    I really love it when the bodies fly xD

  16. Too Much Salt

    It looks really cool, just like Tiger Knight. However, I wonder if these company are able to recoup their investment because it doesnt seem to be popular enough. Instead of wasting their resources to make a mmo genre which is saturated with competition especially against a good mmo like world of warcraft, these company should make it into the strategy genre, a mix of grand campaign & tactical battles would be awesome.

  17. Sheleg

    I don't understand, is it multi/single/co-op game?

  18. The F

    Ps4,pc ??

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