Conqueror’s Blade PvP Frontier Arena — Rainy Weather — 10 Hero Kills

Assassinating players in the capture the area point control mode.
Fun for a bit until players bought EXP boost & Silver to became OP. — CBT — PvP Siege — Open World

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  1. Diogo Hipólito

    Oooh, this game appeared on E3 xD I look forward to play it. Are you liking it?

  2. Kijin Seija

    1 dislike from desu-troyed player

  3. reznoire

    He yah

  4. Walamo

    Hey Steparu you doing alright? I stumbled on to your website and I can't help but ask how you're doing :D

  5. Chr1sT0fu

    this looks incredibly unfun

  6. 검정색고양

    I'm surprised MS gave it air time for this game.
    or was it MS? dunno

  7. Ramon Tragedy

    Looks like a updated dynasty warriors

  8. Konna Bonna

    hey gyus, any info of when this game is being released in EU?

  9. Nathaniel Owusu

    9:00 WTF was he lagging? 😂😂😂😂😂

  10. Tory

    It looks actually cool

  11. Lucifearus

    Hey, what do you think the ping for a player living in NA would be for this version? Thanks a ton! I was thinking about changing from NA to frontier, but if its Asia based, im afraid my ping would make it impossible to play!

  12. ice angel

    this is a training AI map — killing 10 bots not that great achievement ……

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