Conqueror’s Blade PvP Assassin Gameplay Point Control

Playing the Chinese version of Conqueror’s Blade with English UI.
The Assassin seems pretty badass, I need to unlock more skills. — CBT — PvP Siege — Open World

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  1. Daniel

    They called big titty female sir lol

  2. Itay Sena

    Wow, Nice game

  3. Happy Life WISH

    Enemy forces have…. Stfu or I'll rap you

  4. GermanStrands

    Bless Online is this you? 😂

  5. ProductHuman

    pick a male char.

  6. wotsit294

    It shall be done.

  7. hard mode

    with a game like kUF going offline l dont see how this game could do better

  8. Azuos Cruz

    Is this MMOrpg? What is it?

  9. Lidiot Lee

    is this tiger knight wtf?

  10. Hung Le

    this game is pretty much similar to Dynasty Warriors

  11. dougfax

    Looks fun, hopping to play it in 2025

  12. Sasaki

    >People saying this game is a ripoff of all the wrong games. Silly people. This game is Korean less-skilled For Honor

  13. Mobile Players

    Charge with me? Or bang me?

  14. Ydeirt

    I don't get it, new chinese game with original chinese ui? then modded to english ui with english v.o?

  15. Crystal no Senshi

    This game makes me wonder what happened to Kingdom Under Fire

  16. Nox In a Box

    Is this PVP? If so, I'm sold.

  17. Leon X

    tigerknights with boobies

  18. puji Haryanto

    how to download

  19. cameron lalor


  20. ieremia I am Peasant

    Thanks for idea for skill…. you have idea what points atribute is good for you skill? im know good dex and life and str but no work for all games …Thanks for all <3

  21. daniel lima

    come back 2:53 hahaha

  22. Özgün

    yes my lord ?

  23. Wolki

    Yo soy lvl 3 y no tengo esas skills eres realmente lvl 2 o es otra especie de nivel ?

  24. RyuKatanaTV

    Lol did they downgrade this game

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