Conqueror’s Blade E3 2017 Gameplay Teaser (War Rage English Version)

Also known as War Rage, an upcoming siege game with action combat. More News Information
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Комментариев: 32
  1. arthurwkm

    nice game, terrible sound effects

  2. Astrenar

    Poor Man's Honor

  3. Vergil Noone

    Is it just me or is it badly optimized there seems to be a delay in almost every action too

  4. shugo66

    If you think this is good, just play For Honor.

  5. jjkinglol

    reminds me a lot of tiger knight

  6. eruc

    A Tiger Knight reskin

  7. Luna Gryn

    With me. Hurry up.

  8. walied XIV

    this mmo ?

  9. Grug

    Terrible voice acting.

  10. AlFigar0

    Mount and Blade + For honor . =_=

  11. RageGoria

    that must have been the most monotone commands i've ever heard.

  12. Azz-Rushman

    I know that the game is still in development, but man, the voice actor sounds like he didn't even knew he was voicing the characters, haha.

  13. L evi

    For Honor ripOff…. Advise….don play…hell don even watch the trailer……

  14. Gol D Roger

    The sound is so bad lol.

  15. Ratso

    Looks really bland

  16. orochii

    Another chinese developer ripping off other game's mechanics. chinese MMO boom is getting cancerous for the rest of the world with its blatant stealing of ideas from other gaes

  17. hard mode

    ls the sound from the battle turned extremely low or its just me?

  18. Rui M

    It's like,For Honor but with a bigger battlefield,a lot more soldiers,but actually I think it's somehow more like Mount & Blade ranther than For Honor.

  19. Mohamed Mahmoud

    Wasn't this game pre-alpha a week ago?

  20. Berkay BAYAR

    rip off of the rip off meanwhile i'm laughing in m&b 2 bonerlord

  21. Mike Ben

    Bannerlord > Conqueror Blade > For Honor

  22. Nessuno

    Just wait for bannerlord guys….

  23. Seyfullah Sırrı

    Fuck the war mechanics.

  24. Blake Angiano

    I mean I bet this game is fun but just looking at it and the gameplay looks dull af. Hate to say it

  25. DjionMustard

    This is basically the original concept of For Honor. I love it

  26. jatocato

    Tiger Knight: Empire War + For Honor

  27. FrenchGundam

    hurry up

  28. Xin Gaming

    The kind of game i like..

  29. moha glade


  30. DADDY9090 9090

    Ps4 o pc

  31. Default Camo

    I need help. I downloaded the game but it sats its a virus ?

  32. hasjnm

    Naisu voice-uehh

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