Conqueror’s Blade Character Customization and Tutorial MIssions

Character customization, playable classes, and starting missions.
Some of the playable classes are gender-locked so check em out! — CBT — PvP Siege — Open World

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Комментариев: 26
  1. UBCOM

    good ^^

  2. her portrait

    c: oho

  3. Luiz Fernando Moreira

    reminds me of the warriors franchise (dynasty warriors and samurai warriors), but a little bit less fantasy and not oriental themed i think.

  4. Kijin Seija

    Step, a- step step steparu

  5. mazaisvilijs

    Even this will probably come out faster than Bonerlord

  6. Walamo

    What's your opinion on God Slayer Online? I saw your videos about it. Dead P2W game?

  7. Floyd Dominique

    dynasty warrior online?

  8. RollyrollyBrocolly

    Can we play this now?

  9. Ouriyo

    How did you play this game?

  10. Nightmare

    Step did u see the warrior class in bns? it looks amazing , but that game is dead in na right? rip

  11. BrecMadak

    100% hand-hold spoon fed your most average action game I believe.

  12. Flamay

    Another Asian game that take asset and moves from other game ? ( Le Character is using Kensei mouveset of For Honor )

  13. Tory

    Steparu should create music, preferably drumstep, that way when people ask how you became rich you can say "one step at a time."

  14. tchokez

    you're the goat when it comes to posting eastern game content. Keep it up, much love. Have you considered streaming btw?

  15. Heitor Azevedo

    how did you manage to access the game?

  16. Richard Jones

    To be published by in the West

  17. DEEPoSEAN_

    No manual blocking, or block directions? So it's like a less interesting version of Tiger Knight. Hmm

  18. Andre Klinge

    Why is there no Musket and Dual Blade for the male version?

  19. dirtyharry 01

    Poleaxe. The most versatile weapon ever invented

  20. Gary mc Jerry

    Those descriptions tho, “ it is almost as high as the archer”
    Both the bow and the archer are stoners confirmed.

  21. Kelthamon Iceheart

    when it coming out…omg cant wait to play this :D really nice so far i see

  22. Llew Tree

    Really love the look of the bowman and the pikeman in terms of armour like hot damn

  23. 1x_RJ_x1

    Finally a fellow nodachi user I commend you sir

  24. l0k0 c4l13nt3

    everytime i want to play it doesnt save my character it always start from level 1 have to make a new character again "Help " :)

  25. j k

    great game this even better now it has more classes to play


    i dont like the combat mechanism it sucks badly!!!! i prefer mbw bannerlord

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