Closers Mobile Gameplay Yuri and Tina HD Preview 《封印者M》

The official Closers Mobile backed by Naddic Games is now live.
I ended up playing it for a couple of hours, here is an HD preview. — Mobile — F2P — 2D Action RPG — Download

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  1. Sarty Gt

    hey steparu will you test herowarz's remake from netease?

  2. Dimmas Prasetyo


  3. Wendy Chii

    Why I can’t download this game!! I switch to CN store and didn’t find it , i use iPhone 6 plus

  4. Black Coffin

    all game devs Mobile games create 2019 58473848 times

  5. ExCharny

    Game looks so much better without vertical movement

  6. Wendy Chii

    I download as apk also on my tablet, and says “application not installed” !!! Is this game still beta? Or what? Please answer me!!

  7. Carlos Hernandez

    copy and paste = chinese games = super p2w :v

  8. honeysana

    i feel like all games are created now to become mobile games lmao

  9. Hime Sama

    Hello Steparu What emulator do you use to put the Asian games on the PC?

  10. nelwyn angeles

    what level are you now and power you got ? im in lvl 27 (3.1k power)

  11. Zeph

    A closers mobile now? Might play.

  12. MrGioRon

    Mehhhhhhh 2019 is gonna be a rough year for games.. why on earth would I waste my limited time on the mobile version over the pc one? Just focus on the pc and make that better man…

  13. Dragoon-BB

    Now what was even the point of making a pc version? XD

  14. Kenobi3380

    The gameplay looks much better than PC-Version! ;)

  15. Rigel Othello

    Hmm… I wonder, if the skills are only 3 set (with 1 EX Skill), or after the upgrade (Official Agent and Special Agent), will there are more skills ? And to be honest, I kinda don't like to flashy move for the EX Skill… I prefer the one like in PC version (EX Skill still in combat mode)

  16. A Wreck

    I love how this game isn’t available in china 🙃🙃🙃🙃

  17. Fox Faeez

    Tina looks fun to play as. Yuri doesn't. :v

  18. HellSteel

    played by 5000000 million players

  19. Neet

    will play

  20. Yuri Seo

    nooooooooooooooo what kind of s…. is this?

  21. Prince Malonzo

    uh oh….

  22. OwO

    Isn't available in my country… Fuck this 😒

  23. Ferrick

    yeaaaa I think I'll stick to the PC version lol

  24. KuroNeko [KFPbeats #26]

    The animations are kinda slow compared to pc version…😢

  25. MrTea

    Not being funny but why all the effort of making such nice graphics and game play, and just made it into boring generic side scroller. They are really getting lazy making games and looking at this it seems it had potentional into more of an mmo or even a standalone game. Such a waste.

  26. Edwin Chia

    They didnt put much effort into making this game, rite now i have destiny child global shoved right up my sleep schedule

  27. El Capitan

    What's next? SoulWorker on mobile?

  28. Vafflin / ヴぁっふりん

    Tina's ch-dub is kind of nice…

  29. Delxio

    Closers PC is going to get closed within the year, calling it now.

  30. Gaming With Ace

    What App Store country is this for?

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