Classic Gundam Online Engineer Gameplay — Repair & Supporting Other Players

I am usually playing as Zeon, but I decided to play some Fed today!
Gundam Unicorn update is coming, I hope I get Sinanju for Zeon. XD Old School TPS Mecha — F2P — JP

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Комментариев: 20
  1. V Kira

    I really REALLY want to play this game. Does it require vpn? and how bad is it with lag?

  2. Pekoe Punk

    I tried this out, but every mech I received or attempted to customize was extremely weak. Did I do something incorrect?

  3. Xexal Seyer

    This looks really cool. Wish I could play it.

  4. Reaper Alpha

    we need a tutorial how to install this game pls

  5. Tanker2000

    ayy step we're the same rank…. but the diff was im in TW…and its hard as ffuuuccckk..

  6. Hanh Diep

    =)))) this have English version, why all u guys don't translate this ??

  7. The Greatest Comeback

    Does this have english translation mod? I really want to play this :(

  8. めいこちゃん

    i wan't more videro about Gundam senpai !!!

  9. Revy

    I miss SDGO DX

  10. Taxue no Woz


  11. Just Some Guy with a headache マリオ

    Wow this looks very interesting. Is this limited to asian servers or is available in europe, Senpai?

  12. Azureus

    are there actuall gundams not just mobile suits ?

  13. Scypheroth

    this looks 1000x better than the new VS game i played…fuck that game was shit

  14. CptSkillet

    I wish I would've recorded my doven wolf gameplay, I tore people up with my giant lazer beam! I also need to try your zaku 1 build with my zaku 2, never did get chars zaku 1 =/

  15. Hakuna Matata

    It looks fun!! I'm still waiting a true AAA Gundam's game so badly!! 😣💕

  16. SK-07

    I miss playing this game so much, but I no longer have access to any JP IP

  17. Taya Tong

    its easy to google instead of asking here… there is two version taiwan have english but mix game play and over power suits….japan version need vpn, original play no power creep pay to win element unlike taiwan high pay to win. japan dont have english of course and never will

  18. Taya Tong

    the game is already dying right now, most people are expecting unicorn will be its last phase most likely the game will hold off another year top

  19. Cryogenic Tendency

    How can I download this game?? :>

  20. caca negra

    hello amm do you still playing this game? i got it yesterday in the TW server because of the english option but damn its imposible to play everyone using unicorms and sazabis, they give us z, zz and gpo2 from tutorial but they die with 1 hit T_T so support its the only role i can play fine XD also whats the name of that 2 unit?

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