Caravan Stories Trailer Anime MMORPG HD Part 1

AIMING’s largest game project Caravan Stories Online.
Looks great so far, I wonder how the combat will fare. — PC/Mobile — MMORPG — Invite link

RPGゲーム『CARAVAN STORIES』をカシモラルでプレイ中のSteparuさんから招待!


Server — カシモラル

If you end up playing a long time or trying the game out, please use my friend invite link, we can both get gems when you level up your Caravan!
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  1. Shuyu

    Reminds me so much of FEZ.

  2. MidnightGamer

    it looks like the game the anime "New Game" was working on O_O

  3. Alfredo Sampayo

    I'll really gonna cry if my device can't run this game.

  4. SwetPotato

    To be honest, Japanese MMOs are always behind in competition.

  5. Victor Alkaiser

    The short animal-like character looks cute. I'm liking the vibes from this game in general. I don't care about the graphics — in fact it seems animation-wise it's greatly on point. Even has noticeable facial expressions that change fluidly instead if abruptly. I approve. Real question is — when will it be ready, and available in the States? Probably 2 years, at least. sigh

  6. Not Lives

    OMG! WADDLES?!!!

  7. My Lord

    do i have to wait a year for this game or is it out

  8. kalintzfelix

    music is great

  9. chiienergy

    Looking forward for Caravan Stories Mmorpg :)
    Looks Amazing! :D

  10. 🌈♊🎮//🎮♊🌈

    So much and many feels!

    This actually gave me goosies and made me teary-eyed.

    Also, I dunno why but this kinda reminded me of "Suikoden Tactics" with a little bit of "Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of The Lions" because of the animation…and also, a bit of "Phantasy Star Universe" too. XD ;"3

  11. Robert L

    when is this due out?

  12. Xysuke

    "Avengers, assemble!"

  13. Touff

    music reminds me of the game called Dragon Nest :)

  14. Tora GuuMoonRyoung

    any new news on this?

  15. Onyxdrache

    Not that it looks exactly like ff 14 a realm reborn in 3d cartoon cellshadingish style instead of hyper realistig

  16. banja balst

    3D facial expressions? in my F2P anime mmorpg's? h-h-hold on

  17. George Texidor

    The music sounds like it could be Akiko Shikata or Yuria Miyazono

  18. Christopher Paul

    What's the music

  19. Prince

    A shame it's for mobile, it looks really good!

  20. Rizky Kurnia


  21. Steparu

    My PC invite code if you end up playing. Long-term rewards you can get 18,000 crystals.

  22. alef321

    ALL IN, looks like radiata stories in HD

  23. Mick Manga

    I hope it gets an english release

  24. otterpoet

    They had me at riding a pig…

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