Caravan Stories Summer Island Cave Exploration & Boss Battle

I had to manually move characters around for the boss, it hurts!
Only 13 days left to catch exclusive pets, collect swimsuits, etc. — PC/Mobile — MMORPG — Invite link

RPGゲーム『CARAVAN STORIES』をカシモラルでプレイ中のSteparuさんから招待!


Server — カシモラル

If you end up playing a long time or trying the game out, please use my friend invite link, we can both get gems when you level up your Caravan!

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  1. FLYNN 11010

    ! ^-^..♡☆..!

  2. yun himura


  3. Alex Dularidze

    This game is so simple :D

  4. Zarozian

    North Anerica wheeeen? = w=

  5. Marcos Franthesco

    No global launch yet?

  6. Kirosuu

    the event get extend to 25th

  7. Alex Dularidze

    And U did not give me my heart again :D

  8. 86Corvus

    what is this garbage?

  9. Android EK Games

    Love it.

  10. cuncun winata

    Mind to tell me its size?

  11. Is there a major difference between the TW vs JP version? (ie. Maybe one is more f2p than the other?)

  12. LiuYe

    PC version looks good

  13. LiuYe

    Like Suikoden online

  14. erehinater

    Hi step, How are u doing in E7?
    I still can't pass chap 7 :'(
    I would love to see u post something about Chap 10-10 if u manage to pass it already :)

  15. Eiji Izumi

    I don't have enough BP, maybe I won't be able to clear this.

  16. Seungsation

    I'm so confused.

  17. RavinKaito

    Looks like it just got announced for PS4! Would be pretty interesting if they crossplay it.

  18. Storm Davis

    When you find out you wasted your life playing MMO’s but it’s to late so you just keep continuing to play them

  19. Thatsandwich2go

    A turn base mmo hmmm

  20. кєคภє tש

    How do I get Veronica? I can't pass the skeletons and they said there's this guy named Jigger which is alot stronger

  21. {kamolwan ผู้ล่าอสูร}

    2:38 rorotata

  22. Yamil Cid

    Could this event come back this year?

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