Caravan Stories PC Ver. Orc Team & Story Gameplay

Time for some Orc adventures~! I like the art style of this game.
I’ve been playing this for a month now, a lot of chars, story, & walls. — PC & Mobile — Anime MMORPG

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  1. dragon wing

    Watashi no speak nihonji desuka… zannen :,(

  2. Kagura Lion

    but wenglish when though

  3. Power

    i realy wannt to play this but…………….. IM CONFUSED ABOUT THIS GAME :(

  4. Kagayate Makairu

    waiting for engurishu barushon

  5. Etrius

    Another Mobile P2W Gacha Online RPG that plays itself…


  6. Jonatas Nogueira

    In japan even orcs can be moe

  7. Devashan Pillay

    I loved playing this on my phone but no translation :'(

  8. Randall Thornsberry

    You know a few monthes ago they included a new map & story for this race.

  9. Slick Pickle

    Orc's finally get an anime.

  10. X

    NA release date?

  11. Bill Vavouras

    Was that Gul'dan's japanese cousin there in the end?

  12. Okanu_90

    I've a question Step, why you don't update your facebook anymore? Just to know, for me it's ok as it is since i'm more on youtube than FB xD

  13. Liu Sonata


  14. Robbert van Loon

    Have to be honest. Game is pretty fucking dead. I played pretty far into the story, yet I never met a single person.

  15. fahmi ibrahim

    For some reason phone version really difficult to control.

  16. XxDarkAngelAnniexX

    The graphics reminds me of Dark Cloud 2

  17. anthonee414

    this seems fine my only complaint is the seemingly random voice sections where some exist and others don't with little consistancy

  18. Steparu

    My PC invite code if you end up playing. Long-term rewards you can get 18,000 crystals.

  19. Ojisan Kumashiro

    Definitely playing Orc

  20. Kagura Lion

    i like how they went to ps4 and skipped an english version for mobile.

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