Caravan Stories New Festival Event — Boss Fights — Evolving — PC Ver. HD

Caravan Stories has some nice events going on atm for new players.
Aww, my Baby Dragon mutated into the Ice version. I want the wind. — PC/Mobile — MMORPG — Invite link

RPGゲーム『CARAVAN STORIES』をカシモラルでプレイ中のSteparuさんから招待!


Server — カシモラル

If you end up playing a long time or trying the game out, please use my friend invite link, we can both get gems when you level up your Caravan!

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  1. hasby assidiqy

    When this game come to mobile?

  2. franz

    The right question should be when this game comes to Global or English version…

  3. Pandoyo

    Could you recommend a good mobile MMORPG/ARPG? Preferably anime art style and in English?

  4. Neet


  5. TuneyLoonTTV

    any english patch so far?

  6. Neeko_neko_ni


  7. Bs Kata

    Cool game amazing do your best^ ^

  8. Amur Ika

    Are you thats a boss? >< haha

  9. Randall Thornsberry

    Since watching both Gacha & MOBA I was wondering if you could try Ascendant One by devCAT Studio a new Moba 5v5 like Onmyouji Arena?

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