Caravan Stories Exploring New Elf Area — Quest Battles — PC Version

Yay, Elves have been getting a lot of love lately in Caravan Stories.
Here is a preview of the new zone and manual challenge fights~! — PC/Mobile — MMORPG — Invite link

RPGゲーム『CARAVAN STORIES』をカシモラルでプレイ中のSteparuさんから招待!


Server — カシモラル

If you end up playing a long time or trying the game out, please use my friend invite link, we can both get gems when you level up your Caravan!

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  1. William Markham

    Probably not first, but hey, I tried <3

  2. Bs Kata


  3. Jonatas Nogueira

    Thats some confusing fight gameplay, its even weirder than valkyria chronicles. Must be my first impression tho :v

  4. Bees


  5. dougfax

    Thanks to this channel I've been playing Sdorica Sunset for 70+ days

  6. Diogo Hipólito

    Hope it gets an english release, thanks for the video <3

  7. her portrait v2


  8. ArtofDylan

    this looks better than most pc mmorpg anime games right now. my only gripe to mobile to pc games is how dumb-down the controls and mechanics are. it's always push buttons and that's all. no real challenge.

  9. takeshi yonora

    Japanese RPG music is the best, it really evoke the sense of fantasy

  10. Randall Thornsberry

    What are those 2 characters the she-elf assassin & automaton I was on the Website,Twitter,& Wiki but no info containing those two backgrounds? 😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯

  11. MommaLily

    Something about the graphics is just, pleasing, soft & smooth yet crisp.

  12. Ace mvp

    Looks cute! Shame the buttons make it look like its a mobile game tho ;x

  13. Kagura Lion

    i just want it in english come on T_T

  14. Robin Houtekamer

    So combat is waiting to spam a skill? And heroes look like its with a gacha shop. Or am i seeing it wrong?

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