Caravan Stories Anime MMORPG PC Release Gameplay

The PC Version of Caravan Stories was released earlier today.
There doesn’t seem to be any IP Block, so go ahead try it out~! — PC/Mobile — MMORPG — Invite link

RPGゲーム『CARAVAN STORIES』をカシモラルでプレイ中のSteparuさんから招待!


Server — カシモラル

If you end up playing a long time or trying the game out, please use my friend invite link, we can both get gems when you level up your Caravan!

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Комментариев: 25
  1. Franco Morales

    Hi steparu, are you in the final ctb of lost ark? i cant create a acount to myself but i love see your gameplays.

  2. Pocky Styx

    well. . . that was confusing lol

    what kind of game even is this?

  3. lohandays

    A lilltle clusterf* but quite interesting combat style Like a Dragon Age +_+

  4. Sannidor

    What is even going on in these battles lol

  5. Lonchi

    Hey Stepparu, the game is playable without a english patch?

  6. blobland

    what is even going on?

  7. dimas0302



    that bread is op!!

  9. Aryo Wening

    Not release on steam?

  10. Red

    6 party members per player seems like too much they should really maybe lower it down to like 3 if they really wana go the hero collecter route

  11. Masterdevil

    clusterfuck simulator

  12. wolfsoldier5

    This game portraits how superman must feel when hearing 99999999 voices at the same time

  13. shadonicz

    so much noiiiiiiseeee

  14. tchokez

    2018: Where mobile games look like pc games and pc games loke like mobile games

  15. Kirosuu

    I kinda love this game, gonna download

  16. Sae Vg

    this looks fun

  17. dragons

    Asian gamers are on a whole other level.

  18. A2B

    God the awful overlapping voices, i don't know why all japanese games are like this.

  19. Mr Choco guy In Japan

    Hello. Please help me. I was in the last race in this game but suddenly, the monster had become super really strong unlike in the previous races I have been through. How can I win against it? I cannot teleport to the level dungeon because I was in the Rabbit race. My first race is elf. Please help me

  20. Kagura Lion

    still waiting for English :C

  21. Steparu

    My PC invite code if you end up playing. Long-term rewards you can get 18,000 crystals.

  22. King Kirito

    Can u change language to English

  23. Raditya Kusumo Putro

    i had middle gpu (gtx 560m) but why graphics always stuck in the game, my gpu drives was updated…how to solved these

  24. Murilo Alves

    English sub ? ;-;

  25. MakoRuu

    It looks like it's not going to be what I thought it was.

    That's unfortunate.

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