Blue Protocol Twin Striker Arena and Field Dungeon Boss Gameplay

00:00 Arena Gameplay / 02:31 Field Dungeon Gameplay
A short fast Arena clear and a preview of the Field Dungeon where you can fight a super fat strong boar boss at the end, well not so strong when it gets bullied by everyone, but still hits like a truck~

Blue Protocol Closed Beta
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Комментариев: 22
  1. Cuenta de Google

    Steparu <3
    What's your thoughts about the game? I'm currently playing FFXIV, graphics in this game looks nice :P

  2. Kurito Random Days


  3. MrKroxan

    idk, it looks pretty standard, i have seen some more videos and even the character creation it's pretty basic, at least the art style looks japanese, i am feeling sick of the classic "walking bowling pins" from korean art style, idk if there is any crafting system or sandbox content.

  4. Maicon Berté

    I really dig the minimalist icons for skills. First time I see a MMO do that — at least intentionally as a aesthetic choice. The overall art direction is really on point. I wish it would had a western cbt release

  5. Surinan

    ngl was not expecting that bit with the half naked bunny mage XD

  6. Lord Buggy

    Cool game cool vid

  7. Droty

    when i saw "arena" i thought of pvp heh.. xD

  8. IQ Zero

    Thank you.

    I hope for the Combatstyle like Nier Automata.
    I will play this Game.

  9. Yaz Zeed

    so there's arena dungeon and field dungeon? interesting

  10. Circe The Deceiver


  11. Smash

    What's your favorite class so far Steparu?

  12. Ruben Sousa

    This game is gonna blow. It is too simple and clunky.

  13. Lowki


  14. PixelMC


  15. GameFuMaster

    ahh, watching a game that's not likely to release for another few years in the west. Genshin Impact pls release sooooon

  16. Jack Avais

    if only they would add katana class…

  17. Leixein

    Hmm, the combat system seems lackluster… i don't really care about graphic that much as long as the gameplay and combat system is nice… but as you said before, they might make some changes here and there. Guess we'll see later…

  18. raventhorX

    Doesn't look like the game is balanced or something. Then again I can't base everything solely on your level. Either way you being a level 20 and completely wiping the floor with lvl 33 mobs either implies as such, or you happen to have some insanely powerful gear/skills at your level.

  19. twinsworldblade

    Me: ….
    My shitty gift old laptop : stop i'm already old and support stoped window 7 os.

  20. Matt Genaro

    This game looks hella fun, omg

  21. Shurii

    i really hope they add new classes. maybe something close to FF14's.

  22. yami_556 gaming

    This game is looking good

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