Blue Protocol Raid Gameplay MVP Twin Striker Matching Test

Blue Protocol Melee POV Raiding! Mad Berserker mode and going for crazy DPS rushing the boss down and taking hits so I can life-leech it back for MVP points and place 1st place in both criteria. I was also trying to go for the tail break~ My new PC can handle all the effects, but my eyes can’t. I’m blind now seizures T_T.

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Комментариев: 37
  1. SergentXII

    Looks like the performance have been increased.

  2. Stephen Fernandez

    Whats the specs of your pc?

  3. Jean Bryot

    i hope they using steam for global platformer.

  4. Ovidiu Vasile Ignat

    When will this game release on global?

  5. this guy

    cant take it anymore , really wish they release global sooner ughh

  6. Hunter

    The skill effects are so clunky and all over the place they dont feel impactful at all wish they did it more like Dragon Nest

  7. KFX

    Really looking forward to playing this game. Playing Genshin made me realize how much I wanted Blue Protocol to succeed.

  8. Melchiorsmith

    Probably unpopular opinion but that looks super un-fun to play. You were getting knocked on your ass every 10 seconds. Animations all over the place. Couldn't tell what was going on. This looked really confusing.

  9. SK-07

    Looks bad, Tera level bad.
    I expected more but it's all laggy as fuck and all action is latency wise.

  10. Anne Frank

    This looks pretty underwhelming. Comes across as more of a punching bag that moves occasionally than a raid boss. And I can't see anything with all the ability effects.

  11. Nashisgaming

    Those falling ive crystals reminds me of the mage skill in fiesta online.

  12. cht5001

    This doesn't look great :/

  13. Adure O

    Steparu what gaming laptop would you consider good? Anyone can answer this too, im trying to get a new laptop but idk any good ones

  14. Jason Silvery

    the amount of visual effects is obnoxious… hopefully there'll be an option to tune them down soon

  15. Jose Fabricio Pereira Eler

    Can't wait to play this game. Looks really fun.

  16. Hargie Curato

    Im getting a tunnel vision from all these cluster fuck skills effects/animations, poor melee class

  17. iqbal febri

    Woahh the raid seems a lot of fun, i hope there will be a full support class. I really want tu buff everyone in raid and keep em healthy..

  18. Freaky

    I hope they fix the UI. Too chaotic

  19. No Way

    please please please have a western release >.> (a good one)

  20. Steny C

    Man, this game looks hella fun.

    But its abit clunky for my taste. Like Phantasy Star games..

    If only Genshin Impact can create this kind of atmosphere.

    It would be so awesome…

  21. Nomster Sama

    Great vid, just hope theres an option to turn off other players animations, cuz being melle and seeing all these ice/explosions is gonna hurt my eyes XD

  22. Zelden

    i wish they would add more skills.. i mean more skills slot because i really like a character that have a lot of skills because it badass for me.

  23. Tenma

    Zerg fest

  24. OOsty Wong

    Idk man…

  25. Sohl Kim

    Way too much visual noise and the lack of teamplay involved is concerning. Looks like a hacknslash more than a mmo

  26. Hoshino Yui

    the camera movement kinda reminds me of PSO2

  27. Schadenfreude


  28. Viett

    Is this beta? or Korean version? when is it coming out for NA?

  29. une6two

    if they can also put this for mobile. that's a genshin impact killer right there

  30. tsiao_kb

    Is it me or is there no raid mechanic?

  31. Thr33z

    It's like Soul Worker and Genshin Impact had a baby!

  32. Joshua Krueger

    Can't wait for a western release. I can't decide which class to play first, I'm hoping more classes are added and tougher raids.

  33. Regalia

    Still looking sick, but really hope we can turn off other player summons and lower others' effects lol normally i keep them on in games like FFXIV but in this game for some reason it's a bit much

  34. Rendi Reinaldi

    i wanna play this game

  35. KapaaauTV

    I miss your videos

  36. Touff

    Playing as melee with all that effects from other players will give me epilepsy

  37. Astera

    This is it. Not like genshin 1 hit boss. I love hard mode

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