Blue Protocol Open World MMORPG Traversing Twin Striker Gameplay

A lot of people often ask about the world if it’s seamless like Black Desert or Archeage. Here is a preview showing the sectioned parts of it and zoning from one area to another similar to FFXIV or Tera. It’s not a dungeon crawler like DnF, C9, Kritika, etc. Nor like Dragon’s Dogma Online where you enter your own world with just your own party. Apparently I had to loot the sparkly things during a specific Moon night phase to do my quest correctly, tricky!

Blue Protocol Closed Beta
©BANDAI NAMCO Studios Inc.

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Комментариев: 24
  1. Kato Wa

    Buen juego , pero

  2. 90%of internet are full of gen z kids

    When will this be on consoles?

  3. Bryan Scheu

    Yay to wait a year to play this amazing looking game, or more for it to come to the U.S. ;(

  4. Liam Wilson

    Will this ever get translated?

  5. Luong Han Tan

    I blinds . cant see anything .
    If game look so beauty. But skill effect hide everthing . than i just click . abcdefgh f1 f2 f3 f4 f5 123456789 . and than boss die .
    It sụck dude .

  6. macbro irallam

    I hope they create for mobile

  7. Dongeng Netizen

    Enemy = cute pig.
    Player = use all combo.

  8. Samuel Sun

    what the fuck… this is level 30 content…….omg

  9. J'ai le seum 2.0

    This game look good

  10. 若凉心

    What is the name of this game.

  11. UwU Z

    Whats the release date of it in eu?

  12. 시로밀크

    와, 검은사막 같다……

  13. Duy Eddie

    is it depend on ping like bns ,tera or not ?

  14. Soracj

    that world just seems so comfy & relaxing
    im not gna teleport ever

  15. Snuggles

    This game looks so promising but looks as if it needs a lot of work. Thankfully they have said they are 'going dark' for awhile after all the feedback they got in the CBT's to go hard working on the game. I am super hopeful for this one and i have been insanely jaded about new games for a long time now since it is all just recycled crap. Please don't let me down bandai :(

  16. Undiscovery Ch


  17. Alex Av

    oh shit, this game looks amazing, I hope I can play it, the loading screen causes some conflict on the other side of the map, because it is an open world

  18. Necroman Sir

    3:10 wow

  19. Enrique Torrella

    maybe too fast the run animations? i dont like that

  20. Ace Alido

    Is this co op??

  21. MangInasal_BBQ

    no pvp? not fully open world?

  22. OngleeS

    ehhh i'm waitin for so long

  23. Shiba

    Can't wait anymore pls release we don't live forever

  24. aaron

    nc h w8ting

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