Blue Protocol New Raid Boss Short Gameplay HD CBT

They enabled raids today in Blue Protocol so here is a short preview! Raids are capped at 20 players and take around 10-20 minutes to clear depending on the setup. Definitely easier to tank and counter-attack without the rainbow special FX.

Blue Protocol Closed Beta
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Комментариев: 44
  1. Teyloune Dragonvale

    Reads "CBT" in the Video Title.. uncontrollable laughing begins

  2. Like a Leaf in the Wind

    So… they SFX-spammed to death a Monster Hunter… pokémon. THAT is meant to be the new Raid?

  3. Hotkicker125

    Havent seen steparu in ages, its nice looking forward to your videos again

  4. Local Trigger Fan

    Damn it looks so good, especially when the boss was being held midair. But hopefully I can turn off other players cuz this will murder my potato computer

  5. hallucinates

    Wayyy too dank, pls be able to turn off effects in full release or open beta.

  6. tuck295q


  7. Figureviews

    What is your PC specs?

  8. vanthursday

    Wish Kurtzpel was this big but noo… The had to ruin it.

  9. Vincent Chin

    I really missed you and your videos. So happy to see you back.

  10. Raey

    Log horizon feels

  11. Quicente

    around 4:30
    the dust seems like not coming to your body. is it because you have shield up, or everyone else is the same?
    i mean if it is because of your shield, that was awesome.

  12. Moch Sofyan Sauri

    RIP fps

  13. Gagdetsverse

    Game definitely looks better

  14. The Beanz

    Are the Raids just going to be Glorified Boss Battles, or will there be more to them?

  15. Eduardo Alencar

    This Boss looks boring af

  16. segment

    What a clusterfuck of colors…

  17. Vinicius Nogueira

    Is there a way to disable other players effects?

  18. Notrya PE

    black desert online flashbacks

  19. AJoX

    and this is coming to mobile ? jesus christ ppl will bank out 1300$ Phones for 30fps

  20. chaîne [̲̅Y̲̅σ̲̅υ̲̅т̲̅υ̲̅b̲̅є̲̅r]

    a lot effect

  21. Morrigan Renfield

    What the actual fuck even is this? They need to have tanking or something or else this is going to be gw2 trash raiding again… Maybe I'm just not seeing the tanking?

  22. Violent

    This should have been a World/Field boss not a Raid boss.

  23. Abraham Jacob

    holy shit my eyes

  24. YhelloWish

    I thought that was Genji in the thumbnail LOL

  25. Lawrence Lawine

    the effects are even worse than in guild wars 2, BUT the boss is big enough that it does not disappear inside all these effects

  26. Paul M.

    So, Genji became a dragon now

  27. Gerald Watson

    I'm glad you're okay

  28. bionik system


  29. Syvette

    The enemies don't seem dangerous in this game.

  30. NoitaLien

    Wonder what kind of pc do you have…. Now I worried about mine😂😭

  31. Brandon Avellano

    i find the 5 man raid clear LOADS BETTER! than the silly 20 man or 40 man raid team, couldn't see anything plus looked like there was no strategy and no reason to move out of damage, but the AI is so stupid!

  32. Mhar Ped

    1060ti can handle this game?

  33. Dual Athloner

    My fps going to burn

  34. Даниил Зубарев

    "dummy" Killing? No tactic or mechanic?

  35. MC Mark Markson

    6/10 not enough special effects


    they should the boss more bigger, it looks too small for a raid boss

  37. Novel Corona

    This reminds me of the Jinouga in Monster Hunter with its moveset and howls,growls,etc.

  38. RPG Gamer

    Bordélique bourrage

  39. Public Toilet

    option for English language?

  40. Egheon

    How much fps during the battle?

  41. Z Rom

    So big difference between the lowest and the highest dmg.

  42. Neo

    this is monster hunter but more anime and flashy i can see the future of this game and its pretty good hope global ver soon

  43. SRC 17

    Feels a lot like a weird mishmash of Tales of and God Eater.

    Kinda unimaginative there, Bamco.

  44. Draco

    Hope theres ways to make it look abit less chaotic in raids

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