Blue Protocol Gameplay Story Dungeon and Evil Villain

This might be the last solo story dungeon then it’s grinding time! I started watching the cutscene since it became interesting, I might try out other jobs later depending on how much timeeeee I haveeee~

Blue Protocol Closed Beta
©BANDAI NAMCO Studios Inc.

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  1. *Jingo

    Hopefully Bandai finds a loophole in the curse of 2020 and gets this released globally.

  2. lawlerzwtf

    11:41 PANTSU!

  3. Rathma

    What? Steparu is alive??

  4. InuMori

    I don't understand why they took botw's sprinting animation. It was already an animation that was weird in botw. They could have went with a better animation for it for sure. (Because yes they were clearly highly inspired by botw in general)

  5. Jchx7

    Do you know if it's coming for Mac?

  6. Oof my cheeks

    so smooth REALLY SMOOTH

  7. Mainstream

    First few seconds made me lose interest. Meh

  8. Ralix Tanner

    Good to see you’re back.

  9. Lev Toru

    Steparu!!! :3

  10. Notekin

    Combat looks fluid but when you land a hit, the impact doesn't give me an "ommph". It feels like hitting air.

  11. Alicia Katarn

    Need this game on Ps4/Xbox one :)

  12. HarlotTV

    Is this real life? Steparu new vid :0

  13. aceptamiputonick

    How many FPS?? and how is your computer?

  14. Cyane

    you're back :)

  15. lAzureI

    I think they could improve the sound design especially for attacks. It would improve the experience immensely for a more visceral feel.

  16. Evgen Sibirskiy

    Ни чего не понятно, но очень интересно.

  17. Brandon Avellano

    hmmm…. Ai is too stupid still, and not challenging enough, feels like a hack and slash, no risk in combat

  18. n00bonastick

    whoa, you're alive.

  19. Bns Maxmo

    It looks so neat ! Can't wait to play it in 3054 !

  20. Waleed Kh

    The fkers still no English?

  21. Matt

    The game looks good but there isn't enough abilities so its already too repetitive which makes it boring

  22. Tullius

    Easily one of the best looking games I've seen in a long time

  23. Outlaw Zero

    Pls for God sake pls add an assassin dual dagger stealth class to this Game 😍😍😍😍

  24. Choo Hong

    Yeap, new SnS with sonic wave

  25. Shiba Tatsuya

    Omg 7u7

  26. Anbu

    i will nolife this game and i dont even play games anymore

  27. Anbu

    holy shit actual level design in an mmo how is this possible

  28. dynia666666

    Tales of series meet dark souls … And wtf ?! This is MMO ?! This will be even better than final fantasy 14 :0

  29. Jeffrey Wolsieffer

    sward, shield and Healer Mode all need to be "on" … that's not possible! … right?

  30. Perla Guerra


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