Blue Protocol Female Character Customization Closed Beta

Quickly messing around with the character customization!
They may add more features later, but here it is for now~ — PC Anime MMORPG — CBT

Blue Protocol Closed Beta
©BANDAI NAMCO Studios Inc.

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Комментариев: 37
  1. TheCatnfused

    They prob remove boobs slider when release in global, u know

  2. Amorous X

    Any chance for a Male character creation video? I've seen the hairstyles for males…and I'm not really excited to make my character. ): No long hairstyles at all, it's kinda disappointing. ;__;

  3. めぐみん


    Hello officer, I would like to make a report.

  4. WitchDoctor

    Glad you are back

  5. BekoMon

    Step is back?? OMG! Welcome back!

  6. Obvy


  7. Denka

    i adore the aesthetics of this game

  8. nathenjean

    There’s never no black features when creating a character in these types of mmorpg. Only thing is the skin tone that’s it. But still going to get it because love leveling adventure games

  9. Emfire

    I would like to see some more long hair styles to be able to recreate some anime characters (so waist length+ hair)

  10. Blaze

    That boob slider is weak. Not playing this game.

  11. Ariel Jersey Jr

    I hope they will add more options and sliders in OBT or Official Release. I really can’t recreate my waifu with the current character customization.

  12. Anakin Sepherd

    thicc big tiddy onee chan, man of culture U.u

  13. Askariot I

    Woah, Steparu is alive! Welcome back

  14. M. HAMDANI

    The hairstyles are pretty meh besides 2/3. They need to add a lot more. Also a color palette would be better than limited color choices. Also more eyes choices options.

  15. RNG

    Welcome back step

  16. xkasax

    A bit dissapointed with the hair customization,

    I did expect them to make it as seprate parts as rear, back and side hairs

    worse, even there is no straights bangs cut or hime cut

  17. Tiny

    I remember when you made chonkey Tamer in BDO XD

  18. mzxa9988

    The hair option is lacking…. Alot

  19. Gustomo Satrio

    pc game?

  20. Drip Gang

    i gotta make a THICC waifu ndeaaaah

  21. Eclipse97

    Thicc is all we need :3

  22. Bob Jones

    I suspect no male character creation exist cuz only horny nerds in here?

  23. PinkNyao

    The character creator looks super limited. Like only 3 sliders? Really? Why have a character creator if you can't look unique? Everyone's going to have the same cookie cutter body. They should have used pso2 as a an example. Or even Black Desert or Blade and Soul (BnS has a pretty decent one). I had thought about trying it but the lack of real customization to the body kind of killed it for me.

  24. CandyandFruit c:

    Hope we'll be able to create chubbier charactera

    Even if its a slight chub im cool with

  25. Khiêm Nguyễn

    I have a question: can i create DIO BRANDO!?

  26. Nishant Khaklari

    eh, i don't like that the game only lets you play as children and teens. smh.

  27. Chloe

    i was so excited then i seen the hairstyles lol im good NEXT

  28. vxvoart

    The hair creation sucks a lot. Also the boobs size too.

  29. LuxArtist

    I'm sad that i can't be a strong waifu

  30. Shiba

    10x time better than genshin characters

  31. Gianni Victory

    better thsan genshin

  32. Mango Barber

    3:13 looks like she’ll betray you

  33. Casual gaming room

    Character creator sold me the game XD

  34. Claresa Prama

    0:35 The most important feature…

  35. Meow Meow

    Is the game now available in asia?

  36. Megamanexe

    looks very…limited to what you can do with the customization wow…

  37. mr keroro

    Its weird and boring ….

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