Blue Protocol Beta Twin Striker Dungeon Gameplay

New Blue Protocol Gameplay from the latest stress test. Party Gameplay featuring the Twin Striker job, one of my favorite classes of Blue Protocol. I love this class because it’s very agile. Perhaps they’ll add Dual Sword skins later for those that don’t like the whole Dual Axe thing~

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  1. not talented

    U guys pick this class alright don't pick aegis and don't max out your endurance

  2. Doki Doki Yummy

    I hope i have a pc or laptop can play blue protocol…but my laptop just could play an old mmorpgs

  3. brian rayana

    like DragonNest maybe

  4. Dr. Peppa

    Ok… i hated all that white and brightness on skills….. I might get blind after first month of playing

  5. バカみたい-ωee多🌈

    I hope we can turn off or at least lower friend/other player skill effect, that is to much for my brain to handle

  6. Yerobe GG

    when this game come to Europe Genshin Impact will lose more than 50% of their daily players for sure.

  7. Alex Faden

    Looks kinda boring. What the point for mmo without pvp content? Where do i use my earned gear if not for pvp? Most players will quit this game after finishing all dungeons or even before that point. Devs should've made this either pvp focused mmo or single player rpg with a story and some coop mechanics.

  8. Juan Felipe Castro Ruiz

    its monster hunter anime :/}

  9. Promethean

    This is the first MMO that looks unique enough to get excited about in years.

  10. Gumsters

    the animation reminds me of reapers in tera online, even some of the animations look similar

  11. Miraqen

    Between NGS and Blue Protocol, I don't know which to play… They both look absolutely stunning.

  12. Will Albet

    se parece mucho a aura kingdom no ai mucha diferencia con ese juego mmorpg , solo con un poco de diferencias gracias S: nose si sentirme decepcionado o contento por el juego, pero siento que sera otro mmo de los que ai del monton.

  13. ongpong tv

    waiting for the global version

  14. Test ting

    i want to play this mfkin game so bad 😥

  15. Shuiichi Izumi

    Definitely gonna play this when I'm out of resins

  16. RTXonerix

    Pretty Cool
    But why is the video so low on volume, had to turn on Loudness Equalization to normalize the volume so I could hear the effects properly

  17. The Truth

    I can’t wait for this game to come out in the US. Please come out.

  18. TommahawkMuthafucka

    The fighting animation reminds me a lot of SAO

  19. •Mystic •

    Prays for storage

  20. Essa

    im excited!

  21. Raihan Fitrah

    Blue Protocol : The Waiting Game

  22. Tyler Bryant

    Looks great but why do they have their voice box engaged when they're out of breath running? It sounds like a ridiculous criticism but that shit would get annoying to hear all the time lol

  23. fabriko

    Wt.. It's better than genshin :0 and that I love genshin But things as they are…

  24. Algor1thm

    cannot wait to dump genshin impact once blue protocol is released

  25. Milithary HK-416

    I'm going to Albion if a ihave to wait one more year

  26. TheDarkWonder

    Why do I get the feeling I am only teasing myself hoping for a timely North America release? We probably won't see this until 2023 if at all lol

  27. lintangbalakosa

    the only thing that i like is i can build my own character

  28. Deityy

    now this is a pc game

    genshin cries in the corner

  29. Ianjek

    when the game deals damage up to millions and effects are covering up your screen people will start quitting, it's not just the microtransaction

  30. FelaGG

    can i did you know when the game is having a CBT??what site?thanks

  31. mario cabuang Jr

    where to play?

  32. Supreme king95

    I can't wait for the global release

  33. aaron

    dope.. w8ting

  34. Naved Ahmed

    Seems like genshin is going to increase the pull rate🤣🤣

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