Blue Protocol Beta Female Character Customization

Action MMORPG Blue Protocol’s female character creation. The stress test only lasted for a couple hours, so I was rushing~! I like the hair tones in this game might need a lightning option later.

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Комментариев: 24
  1. Neox

    Can you change your character after creating it? If yes it is just the hair and make-up or everything?

  2. Kinh Night

    Create charater is long :)

  3. Edward Lee

    A man of culture I see

  4. Manjuu of Patience

    I hope they can add more variety to the character voices in the future ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  5. Lance Coolie


  6. Rsjabber

    5:17 I lost


    Hopefully they have more unique and distinctive hair styles being added. I feel like 8 isn't enough at all. Same with the eyes, 3 options only is too limited.

  8. wallmunky503

    dear lawd, the thickness levels @[email protected]

  9. wallmunky503

    Does overall character height/length affect melee classes akin to other action-combat mmo's?

  10. DerionSan


  11. Amorous X

    I really hope the implement longer and more unique hair styles for males..they look so bland compared to the females.

  12. Shiki *

    I hope the previews of the character will improve, i always love to prefer spinning my character around to look if everything fits together, or like, to see how long the actual hair is and looks like around the body

  13. Alex Gia

    that's the flattest ass i've seen in any mmo. lol.

  14. Eccex

    if that's a beta female i can't wait to see the alpha females

  15. Azure Nova

    Love all the customization that you can do with the character. It may seem a bit limited, but not as the options that are currently present are really good. Thank you for the video Steparu.

  16. Astaroth

    Needs some long hair options

  17. Hellsing7747

    I hope they will add, curly, wavy , afro hair and also have the option to have no hair at all.

  18. IridiumOG

    I think character creation is a very important feature for an mmorpg. While this is in beta, I hope this feature will be more like PSO2's character creation when it hits global launch.

  19. Damo

    genshin impact are so fucking dead

  20. Emoji Jotaro Kujo

    Eae Hudson

  21. Hitori Procrastinate

    So I could make a chubby character here? OMG can't wait!!!!

  22. unregistered hypercam 2

    i wish they had more lip types lol… my lips aint paper thin 💀💀

  23. MsVanilla Star

    Terrible. When you present a customization, you need to be slow so people can see appreciate the styles more. You didn't show all the options 0/10

  24. radchoco

    I'm so glad there's darker skin options, I was worried the darkest skin tone was gonna be cappuccino brown

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