Blue Protocol Berserker Twin Striker 2x Raid MvP

I raided a lot during the beta. MVP is calculated through Healing followed by Aggro then DPS last for some reason? So I specced Berserker mode and gave an AoE life leech buff to everyone instead of a Super Armor buff. I also spammed my PET cooldowns specced for AoE and Single target heals for MVP.

Blue Protocol Closed Beta
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  1. Leiden Schaft

    It would be nice if you have more aegis fighter clips.

  2. Hanaihau Hargous

    My heart yearns.

  3. Noblesse Oblige

    Those special effects are a mess.

  4. Kevadu

    There sure is a lot of stuff on the screen…

    Seriously how do you even tell what's important and what's not when you're playing?

  5. Jonatas Nogueira

    This class reminds me so much of BnS Destroyers. All the spins and swings

  6. TyrannyforSupper

    me want this game

  7. Matt

    wtf am i even looking at xD a unicorn just puked rainbow all over the video xD

  8. Nhut Minh

    The reason why this mmo genre is so well known by the Korean than Japan people is simply because their combat system and skill effects are so much better and many mmos have a little transperant effect so that they don't overlap their skills and look confused like this. Even the famous Japanese 2 mmo like PS02 and FFXIV have the bad eff in term of party combat.raids

  9. TheVGPlayer

    I don’t really mind the visual effects. Love the chaotic nature of a raid.

  10. ドミニク

    This is the messiest bossfight I have ever seen.

  11. Luan Campos

    olha o tanto de particula nessa porra

  12. PixelMC

    its wayyy to flashy imo.. but i would give it a try

  13. impatrick !

    Game designers: How much visual effects do you want?
    Bandai Namco: Yes!

  14. Nomnom

    I think there is an option where you can turn off ppl's effects in the game so that you only see yours

  15. shugo66

    Def cant play this game my shit will explode :(

  16. Miguel Olmedo

    OH!! My fucking ejes!!!

  17. [C]

    I feel my FPS dropping.

  18. Mitch Mate

    It has controller support?

  19. Volpe

    Is there only like one raid dungeon in this whole game…?

  20. Solstice Refuge

    I really hope there is a setting option to turn off other players skill/spell effects. its blinding me lol

  21. Arrakiss20

    Lets hope there will be options to turn off tohers spell effects, coz this is such a mess

  22. Kael Rhain

    pretty nice that with all that is happening the game looks smooth

  23. Nightmare

    They cut his butt :v

  24. Francis Navarro

    Hey man I know this is for PC only, but in the future do you think it's possible to port this to switch?

  25. Nightmare

    Isn't that mvp system good? Because if it is just dps , healers never apppear even tho they might be the only ones keeping everyone alive

  26. Davith Chhung

    it's very interesting to try out :D hope they game come to EU asap

  27. Andy SN

    CBT 2 days and u know this game so well :D

  28. Roan

    Do we have classes on the game? Or skills are based on weapon you equip? I hope there's a build that centers on shield skills. Dual shield?? XD

  29. Ethical Vegan't

    And I thought Tera and BDO were messy during raids, this is some next level visual chaos XD

  30. M. HAMDANI

    The game's atmosphere reminds me a lot of both dot hack and SAO combined, which is great.

  31. Joachim Navarro

    this isnt a wowkiller, its ff14 killer.

  32. Reza Hafid

    Hey guys.
    I'm buying new PC next week (16 gb ram and decent vga )
    Could you please recommend me good MMO Games ? I prefer openworld mmorpg. . Thanks

  33. Erestia

    good to see you back again, stay safe and healty

  34. Kei Esper

    Yeah something like a raid preset in settings or being able to save profiles & have one for raiding with lesser visual effects/players would be needed.
    Steparu having all players hp bars/buffs over their characters doesnt help either (is there option to hide them?).

  35. stephtony lo


  36. XilloTV

    Game looks cool but.. Bosses are just glorified HP sponges. Where are the mechanics that are supposed to keep the fights interesting, unique, and engaging?

  37. loki mcgarden

    this is JP onlye Beta right?

  38. loki mcgarden

    they need to boost the Boss more or limit the raid participants..
    a raid with almost none casualty?

  39. Kirill

    When it would be able in Ukraine? Stepa

  40. James

    Games with insane looking abilities like this shouldnt focus on they large scale spank fights this was very disappointing

  41. Blues BX

    SO is the twin striker the strongest class? cause mages dunk like 11 thousand dmg ice bombs but you stil are doing more than them. Is it cause its easy to miss as a ranged i guess?

  42. Raven Design

    Not only that visual clarity is horrendous boss feels like a punching bag with only few mechanics that deal almost no damage, seems like a game made for casuals. On top of that class depth is also mess with only so few abilities. Also "ItS oNlY BeTa" comments please avoid me, if its like this in beta i don't think it will change much also its bandai namco they are used to cater for casual audience
    EDIT: On other side world looks beautiful hopefully they will develop it way further and improve till launch.

  43. Rael2020

    Steparu, which is better, blue protocol or genshin impact?

  44. 86Corvus


  45. BlehPlease

    this video reminds me of this one…
    Viva La Dirt League
    Annoying bright spells in games — Magic

  46. Ekrem Eren Kara

    let's hope we capable to turn off unnecessary effects…

  47. Prototyp3m1nd

    Zero weight to the attacks. I very much hope they fix that before launch, aside from the over the top effects.

  48. Aldaric

    After playing blade and soul, I just can't play any other MMO that doesn't let me hide all the other characters and their skill effects.

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