Bloodhunt Siren Gameplay Dual Blade and Katana Wins

Playing the Siren archetype from Bloodhunt’s Closed Alpha. Their skillset is a close-range AoE blind and medium-range blink. Some people wanted to see the other melee weapons, so I added that at the start. I’m hoping for another test around the corner and I would like more melee weapons.

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Комментариев: 23
  1. Mayberry_

    amazing gameplay as always. gg

  2. Mayberry_

    those bullet deflect was cool as hell straight from the movie scene. 2:58

  3. Abyessal

    After watching steparu reflect bullets I would've gotten the hell out of there lol

  4. Nick Harper

    I need the 2nd game where is it ???

  5. Steparu

    08:21 Tactical Bush Peekaboo

  6. eXo

    Damn I never like royal genre but this looks solid and fun ^^

  7. Reiitha

    is there beta again rn?

  8. Sinan

    i dont know why people still keep making these garbage battle ryoale games with these amazing looking graphics and animations instead of single player games…
    just waste of resource and time…
    will be fun to play for couple of days and will die and be forgotten

  9. Nightmare

    I never played a Masquerade gamd but derp haha
    Thanks for showing the game!

  10. mayday303

    Darn Stepary, you were born to be the daywalker, i always watch these Bloodhunt videos to the end, just so cool when you dish out sword naps.

  11. Miriromi13

    Ah, so this is why Bloodlines 2 got cancelled, they wanted to make a Battle Royale instead.

    Teasing aside looks interesting enough! If I'm lucky maybe it'll feel like are more refined Nosgoth if we do a melee build :V

  12. Bill Vavouras

    This is fun to watch. Keep rocking em

  13. Rdx

    Naraka 2077!?

  14. Everything Is Fine

    A vampire battle royale huh

  15. Jose Fabricio Pereira Eler

    GOD of videogames. That's who you are.

  16. attakforce93

    Realistic stuff like that is so boring I am sorry.

  17. Karl_Drogo55

    Is Siren the best for sword builds? seems like archetypes favor certain builds/set ups no?

  18. Karl_Drogo55

    jeez the melee is wild in this with the perks u can pick up from feeding

  19. Karl_Drogo55

    that slide + swing seems effective

  20. zfire nite

    I hope comes out for Conculse players soon we need more battle royal

  21. Potter TheAvenger

    To be lore-accurate bullets don't hurt vampires near as much as blades, arrows, and fire. So i'm glad they're giving meele some love.

  22. Felipe Fabricio

    Awesome game but needs rocket launchers.

  23. Shiny D Mike

    Yo steparo I’m also using melee a bunch but I can’t figure out the katana deflect. Do I hold the right mouse button or click it

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