Bloodhunt Melee Gameplay 12 Kills Vandal Katana OP Ultra Settings

Vampire: The Masquerade — Bloodhunt Melee ONLY Gameplay. A lot of people are saying melee is useless. Counter deflects shots where you AIM at. Here is a video showing two matches in one and the potential of the Katana as the Vandal archetype. I enjoyed playing this beta so I’m uploading more videos~

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  1. Paritosh Yadav

    just want to comment "FIRST"

  2. Mr NationalWonder

    Wtf deflecting bullets lol

  3. ThankForMemory

    It rare to find Games that Swords Stronger than Gun.

  4. another

    combat similar to gunz

  5. Jeansolomon

    the open world in this game gives me ubisoft vibes.

  6. littlemann55

    Nice Victory! The beta seems to be in a pretty decent state if this is how gameplay looks. Looking forward to trying it myself!


    can you not good at every games?

  8. Pufferfox Pufferfox

    Why would anyone use shooting if you can just BLOCK ax&

  9. Clifton Hood

    Celerity is king.

  10. Reiben Lucero

    idk why, but this somehow reminds me of gunz online. miss that game.

  11. SpectralWave

    Ayyee is ghosty from the discord. Was looking forward to this. You make really good use of movement and momentum, I love it, good stuff!

  12. Lamented Bliss64

    Okay this makes me want to play i love that melee is strong it makes sense tbh especially since your a damn vampire

  13. David Sarkisjan


  14. SonixSquad

    Okay now I have more faith in this, well played. A VtM game should not depend on gunplay alone, which you just proved is not the case.

  15. OkraOba

    Aight Step, ima need you to calm the fuck down lmao. Out here all godly and shit

  16. ebola9717

    That bullet deflect looks OP as hell but the game looks more polished than I was expecting

  17. david anderson

    another br with vampires fuck this

  18. Yoichi on Olympus

    Yeah that looks so broken ahah you are great anyway 🐱‍🏍

  19. SoulXCloud

    I thought it was useless until I found out about the special abilities on each melee, borderline op for some of them! Great video!!

  20. Knighty

    Gunz reloaded is that u ?

  21. Leerian

    Genji, is that you?

  22. Christian Asia

    Can you do a video with different melee skills?

  23. 스패즈

    I miss Voerman

  24. Mooncalf

    Trailer looked good gameplay sucks, i will pass on this ty steparu for the video

  25. Outstar

    Mad respect, I'm going to try it out during next open weekend (and fail horribly)!

  26. Waslain


  27. Luis Maldonado

    It feels like a fusion of Fortnite, GunZ and Prototype (with Vampyr visual style)

  28. PeakSaber

    How the flip do you go against melee? lol

  29. Kris

    When the BR game gameplay looks and play better than main game LOL.

  30. Craig Oxbrow

    "There can be only one."

  31. Leo K [Rogue]

    This game gives me huge GunZ: The Duel vibes. My favorite competitive game I ever played. Really excited for this one.

  32. Zero2k0

    This looks a lot of fun. I like how it's more melee based rather than just lame snipers

  33. Pyrosu

    Is it me or are guns in this game useless?

  34. Zamzz

    How many gb has this fire af game?🔥❤️

  35. Kitsune

    Damn that dudes good

  36. Potato chips TV

    There should be a way for mele weapons to defend each other

    And no just first to slice… first to die

  37. InFlames 100

    When anybody wants to know the newest stuff about BLOODHUNT follow me on insta VTMBloodhunt

  38. 4ty Svn

    bruh that corner kill at 2:36 was ridiculous

  39. Mikael Isaksson

    Look at her thumb on the thumbnail lolz

  40. EL

    can fual blades also deflect bullets like this

  41. Yuin Gamer

    I hope they leave it in but they probably won’t

  42. Claudio O.

    Are the 2 blades for every character or is just one to use them?
    I think they are too strong.

  43. lucas Mendonça


  44. Chris Anthony Giles

    Can't wait till they bring my favorite clan Tremere into this game!

  45. James Campbell

    Okay now I seriously want to play this game! And I especially love how you can deflect your opponents bullets back at them

  46. LaMarcus Campbell

    so the Katana is a cheet code lol

  47. clemente tapia

    the wall movement reminds me of prototype.

  48. Dirty Dan

    Where do you find the scourge blades, and Katana? I can get lucky sometimes killing people that have it, but I can never actually find it. Does it randomly spawn on the map?

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