Bloodhunt Katana Gameplay Prowler Win Ultra HD 2K

Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodhunt Alpha on Steam just started a few hours ago~! Here is a gameplay preview of Bloodhunt’s Katana in action as the Prowler Archetype.

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  1. Fatal Error

    Kinda reminds me of Hyperscape

  2. Yashiro Kuroh

    Yes when I saw Steparu commenting on Bloodhunt channel I knew this was coming

  3. Ruri La Vulpe

    Looks good and fun.

  4. Viinii

    Ja ta dando para jogar será?

  5. Thomas B

    So, Fortnite the Masquerade

  6. Elijah

    Another Battle Royale? genres aside is it fun to play?

  7. Lonchi

    Oh man, i wish we a have a new and good Masquerade rpg game :/

  8. TheBrothereye

    Okay this looks super fun and unique for a BR. Now I can live my underworld fantasy 🤣

  9. Tory

    Is this the new vampire bloodlines game or is this something else? I'm confused. . .

  10. Nguyen Pham

    1:50 this is the closest thing to Kirito's Bullets deflecting I have seen, so fking cool

  11. ESmith

    Looks like its Sabot Was Right Day and everyone is invited!

  12. Sandro Barboza

    Wow, this game will be awesome. Just use a vampire with katana that nobody kills you. Boring!

  13. Benoît De La Fournière

    I doesn't looks like the main RPG story game will last long, will be any good if the studio throws itself into an online live service game…

  14. Tora-Ky

    oh look a new….br game…oh no…

  15. Boris

    kinda remind me of gunz the duel. the good og game that only few people know.

  16. ozi turker

    lmao imagine playing with lingerie costume and sucking blood in that position looooool

  17. PeakSaber

    Freaking Pro right here

  18. Bork

    for a battle royale vampire game it looks meh imo.

  19. Synkhan

    Why we dont have a masquerade game with these gameplay mechanics but the stroy added on I will never know. This captures the power fantasy of the vampire side….

  20. Nightmare Blade

    Everybody was excited for the new VtM game, and instead they delay it and give us a shitty cash grab battle royale in a market already oversaturated with battle royales. They misssd the golden age of BRs by about three to four years and are expecting this to be positively received by a player base that's been waiting for a good VtM game for nearly 17 years ever since Bloodlines came out in 2004. They literally don't understand their target audience one bit as anyone old enough to even remember the 2004 game or even the original tabletop game would be old enough to not get excited over a shitty fortnite clone. I smell the Diablo Mobile fiasco all over again, and it worries me.

  21. Zhaeph

    I really wish to have your PC…I can't get more than 30fps when I fight someone and it's 50 when roaming…doesn't matter if it's ultra/high/low

  22. Jeansolomon

    wow, just wow

  23. EdTheTatMan Montelibano

    how did you deflect the bullets was it automatic if you are in from or you need to press a buttton?

  24. Sycogenesis

    Melee felt kinda sludgy to me but i need to find me a katana KEKW

  25. teentitanbg

    Nice gameplay but I hate Battle royal system.

  26. MMOStars

    Steparu got used to recking newbs in CBTs :joy:

  27. SoulXCloud

    Had a trio game with you that we won! Was a lot of fun!

  28. xolitaire

    some of the animations look really… old fashioned? like the jump. or the weirs sliding during sword moves

  29. Lowki


  30. Ken Masters

    The bullet deflects are so cool ❤🔥

  31. depanto 123

    basically just realm royale

  32. Yann Pennaneac

    in every game you play, you are the best , Did you sell your soul to the devil ?
    amazing. Thanks for the video.

  33. Pierre Santiago

    it only took two hits to kill a vampire at full health at the end?

  34. BalloonBoi

    i'm not really interested in battleroyale anymore bc they don't offer much new stuff but this is actually kinda nice drinking blood to gain some extra stats, i'm digging it but the movement of the character look abit clunky and look like an old animation i hope they fixed it

  35. TheDemonzHead

    Awesome! I had no clue you could deflect bullets.

  36. FinalGaming

    How would you compare the melee to using guns? I assume there are perks to using both, but this is the only clip I’ve seen of someone using a melee weapon and it seems pretty busted

  37. Simmons8519

    Imagine if they added a juggernaut mode with a garou werewolf player vs everyone else!

  38. RuudriickReborn

    Is the bullet deflecting mechanic only for that clan or is it a thing for all melee weapons?

  39. Battz - Bloodhunt Content

    sick montage. you should check mine out as well

  40. Farot

    Parry this you casu

  41. MaroonGoone

    Wait you can block bullets?! Yep can’t wait til this hits console

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