Bless Online Russian Version Shutting Down Indefinitely for Revisions

As the title say more info below! Here I was thinking the RU was doing fine.
I wonder if the upcoming Japanese version will meet the same fate?
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I usually write articles in pair with the news stuff on but I’m feeling super potato. Anyway, the tldr the game is going to get revised and shutting down indefinitely as the title says. Everyone is going to get refunded and servers going down on May 25th. They are hoping to bring the game back again at a later date with all the changes and revision.

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  1. 黒目

    when hell moonlight blade coming out na (?)

  2. willy v

    They are telling that the game doesnt meet expectations… so they are shutting it down to improve it, they were talking with devs and its the best decision… everything will be refunded…

  3. Admeen KceL

    i think ru version is affected for the coming NA version of bless.

  4. Justin Bender

    If it is going to be brought up again at a later date with revisions, doesn't that mean it isn't being shut down indefinitely? Indefinitely means it will never come back up, no?


    So did you really like this game?

  6. Rapidasher

    It was fun watching you play it while it lasted! Thanks :D

  7. diego

    Bless is too old.. and sadly isnot finished yet..

  8. Sasaki

    Bless was a good game with a crap publisher.

  9. Cozzy

    Game is unfinished in KR. It has so much potentials. It was in the hand of wrong developers, and publishers. GG bless.

  10. Spellstorm

    This game was born dead, I always said that.

  11. Aria E.

    Man… I clicked the video hoping to see you talking about something explaining this, but no? Disappointment. (I wanna hear your voice)

  12. Awoo Hoo

    Have you compared the RU version to the KR one? I played the RU and I don't know if it was just me but it felt poorly optimized…'s the KR version?

  13. INOY

    Хвала богу доната! Это дерьмище загнулось, как я и предвещал! Никаких сожалений нет. Только безграничная радость! Ураааааааа!!!! ))))

  14. Tory

    So step.
    Why do people not like the combat?
    looks like normal tab targetting to me.

  15. Crash Gaming

    I hope that it stays down. One less generic MMO to worry about.

  16. Kenrouke

    I've just realized I've been watching your videos for like 5-6 years now. When Aeria releases Bless in 2029 are you going to bother with it?

  17. 1alucarD

    101хр не вытянули э тот проект(((

  18. Подкаст Эйфория

    This is not because the game is bad guys. It's cause it's 100% p2w. And other problems. I don't know about other servers, but the donations on RU were such a bullshit… You could buy literally anything in the game, even equipment. Also, they never fixed optimization, even for a bit. So even on very good computers it was running sometimes at 20 fps, I saw a couple of streams. Even the 101xp stream was lagging and they said everything is ok… Fuck 101xp, hope to never see them again (this was their biggest project).

  19. Tsunsung

    Well lasted longer than Sudden Attack 2 XD

  20. KuroNeko [KFPbeats #26]

    this will be the same fate of aeria games bless ver….good game but pulishers always killing the games with pay2win sht…haiz😂😂

  21. toona

    can anyone recommend a good rpg game thats easy to get into and worth investing time into?

  22. Lenwë Catspurr

    well from what i heard RU was really bad compared to KR. and except for the poor optimization i enjoyed the brief time i had on RU so i still have hopes for the eu/na version since we will get improved combat and optimization apparently :)

  23. Nayukhuut

    It said closed for revisions, so there is is a chance that it could be back. We basically have two scenarios here. They wanted to kill it and this is their way of trying to do it quietly, or they saw the changes that were proposed for the NA version and wanted to get in on them and so sent it back to have their version worked on as well. Time will tell. Either way it's sad as I was playing on the Russian server and I'll be sad to see it go. I do hope that this is just a temporary thing. Heh, or even better… I hope Aeria games actually gives us some information about the NA version so I don't have to play with a VPN and an English patch. -_-

  24. KpopFeels MyJams

    Mmmmkay! For people who are new to Our Little Step… Step never talks.. can but won't and never will. Don't assume Step's gender… it is a step… simple. No and step will not show the face… mmmkay.. watch the video.

  25. morph

    never had any hope for this game anyway

  26. Forexalised

    Combat looks boring as hell, the guys just standing around doing the same thing not taking any damage.

    I'll get back to BDO and GW2 now.

  27. DenzelRealm

    Really? I was actually hoping to get into this MMO. Black desert isn't doing it for me anymore and i feel like i need something new. Something that actually feels like a MMORPG again

  28. Chelovek Pizdjozh

    The game failed because it was originally stillborn. At the start of the Russian version, no known guild went to this game, because at the start of the game in Korea, its Russians checked and came to the conclusion that the game was unfinished and outdated.
    A bad localization of the Russian version with a terrible service from the company 101xp only accelerated the process of failure of the game.
    The incorrectly chosen strategy of development of the game by the developer Neowiz and poor localization from the publisher 101xp have failed this game in the Russian market.
    The company 101xp says that the game did not live up to expectations and after discussing the situation with the developer Neowiz is sent for revision for an indefinite period.
    I believe that there will not be a restart of the game in Russia and this is the final closing of the Russian version of the Bless.
    But don't worry. Play the Korean version of the game. Russian aggressive people and PvP-oriented, not PvE. Most foreigners will not be interested in playing with the Russians, since most of the MMORPG games are initially PvE-oriented and before they go to the Russian market they are re-tuning for PvP.

  29. Станислав Шапошников

    -bless EU

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