Bleach Soul Liberation Mobile Turn Based RPG

I saw this new Bleach game, thought it was going to be an action RPG.
As it turns out, it’s just another turn-based hero collecting anime game. — Anime — Turn-Based — Hero Collector

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Комментариев: 24
  1. Shine/Zero

    It doesn't look bad, although some of those animations do look a little buggy but beyond that can't wait to play it

  2. Hakuna Matata

    A new game is nice but what I want is more anime stuff 😑…

  3. White Ichigo

    main question , Does this game have neliel or grimmjow

  4. Levitastic

    I prefer this over action rpg's.. at least on mobile anyways, id play this , if it gets upgraded ofc

  5. Prince Nirvana

    Is this licensed like brave souls ? Can we get more info like the game link or website link ?

  6. Alert

    No licence I'm still playing got my ichigo bankai

  7. Unknown


  8. Folth 97

    china games?? no thanks

  9. Zoeila

    looks epic plus it has anime music

  10. K. J.

    They should just make decent mmorpg already.
    But no… Instead of that we get this cash grab versions games.
    Cant blame them since this could generate millions every month, but still…

  11. Jordan Danchev

    What happened with the game? I cannot access it.

  12. Canal do Hollow

    The game is down?

  13. MrHustler

    The first bleach game that has actually impressed me compared to all the trash bleach games out there! Wish they would bring the Anime back!

  14. Kyoui Aishita


  15. Augusto Porto

    mobile .. meh..

  16. Sara Valestein

    Why down vote a bleach game? We barely get any at all…

  17. futebol tube

    Eu amo RPG

  18. ONILEO00

    This looks extra bad! And sounds equally as good.

  19. ALEXIS

    Bonjour le jeux est super mais depuis des jours je n'est plus Access au jeux c'est normale

  20. ALEXIS

    Il sort quand sur IOS le jeux


    Waiting for global version

  22. Akbar Legend

    Omg its been a year i didnt even knew this bleach exist lol… pretty dope with music and cutsne and summoninh really cool

  23. Jason

    is this licensed?

  24. Aꜱʜɴᴀɢᴇ Nᴀʀɴᴇꜱғᴜɢᴇɴ

    Looks like a Bleach Porn Game

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