Blade & Soul Revolution Prologue Gameplay Mobile

The prologue is a bit similar~! Just AUTO-playing through stuff, lol.
There are like two other upcoming B&S games so I might skip this. — Mobile MMORPG — Free to Play

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Комментариев: 36
  1. Ron kevin

    Compared to BDM? which is better steph??

  2. 9BeastKing

    I like bns but can't play it on my computer, this looks great

  3. Multhemer

    damn u steparu u playin every game man :( hire me as a dog can protect ur hause and pc :D

  4. Berk

    We need two things, english and apkpure link 😌

  5. Unknown Paradise

    wow every game is on mobile now scary

  6. Amur Ika

    Do you not have a phone?

  7. AzureRoxe

    They actually changed a few things like the location they stand before Jinsoyun gets Twilight's Edge, actually showing the Master's body rather than have it poof away and even added a little showdown against Jinsoyun instead of going straight to the cutscene, kinda cool.

  8. Wildwolface77

    So… Blade & Soul is coming to mobile devices, huh? I wonder if my own phone can handle this much memory once the Global ver. of the game comes out….

    I look forward to this…! ^_^

  9. Luan Araújo

    The graphics don’t look better and the gameplay don’t look better too. Waiting to see how Aion will be now.

  10. Yun Myra

    The storyline is same with pc version..waiting for the other bns

  11. Vahneris

    RIP phone

  12. 찌아오디앤


  13. Sentinel

    Still better than PC version — lag and bug still with it + so many pay to win players.

  14. Hayashi Shirou

    you use bluestack to play it? I tried with mumu (Chinese emulator for HI3) but it said android ver not compatible. ==

  15. Mobile Players

    This is CBT?

  16. Bun Bun

    Started today, I love it

  17. BM03

    I wouldn't be so upset at every game making a mobile if they weren't all designed to play themselves. What in the flying hell, if you don't have time to play just fukken don't, man.


    Leave this trash man ,,, play bns M by ncsoft ,,it's from bloodlust ,,,

  19. Shaolan

    That camera shake is cancer

  20. Nichronos

    NCsoft should port the game to UE4 for PC instead of crappy phones….. bad investment!

  21. Freikugel

    The western release of this game left such a bad taste in my mouth, hearing all of the music and sound effects is pissing me off lol

  22. Iwan hermansyah

    my phone xiaomi note 4x 4gb ram MTK … low settings still lag … this game requires a cell phone with a high spec … rip my phone

  23. Duy Tran Manh

    So i tried this on Google Pixel 2016. The game runs smoothly even on highest settings with occasionally micro lag when running, but the phone will be burning hot within 30 mins

  24. Aaron Young

    0:23 if Mokujin here then where is Tetsujin? Is he on here too?

  25. Imminent


  26. Taimatsu

    It's so funny how lazy they were with the running animations your female jin was running like a male Gon at 0:37 lmao

  27. Kyrrua

    Downgraded, feels automatic, too shaky, laggy and probably 10times more p2w than pc…

  28. redsoxfan620

    2/3 of the screen is UI elements what a mess …..stop the insanity and give us really games not this game on the toilet crapola

  29. Meesk

    Sure all the big tittles are coming to mobile, not only that, their micro transactions and p2w aspect are probly x10 more too. Not to mention the skill cap that's needed to play mobile games compared to PC games are from two different worlds…… but DON'T WE ALL HAVE PHONES?

  30. Vinicius Alves

    Blade and soul being blade and soul, run like crap to

  31. J J

    Nice commentary, glad I waisted my time to watch review video with no reviews, can you get any lazier?

  32. Ryozanpakuto

    Black & Saul anime?

  33. Maria Kharitonova

    All these mobile games… Can't stand it. Need something to bring good ol' times back.

  34. klop516

    The sad truth all good mmorpg going to mobile.

  35. captainAKAcapt

    hah, mobile graphics look the same as the current pc version

  36. Yemin

    Nice I had to watch master Hong die again… Kinda breaks my heart everytime I remember him.

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