Blade & Soul Revolution Character Customization Mobile

Netmarble’s Blade & Soul Revolution just came out today~!
Here is a quick preview of the current character customization. — Mobile MMORPG — Free to Play

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  1. Flower Song

    Rip the jiggle physics

  2. Whoolie

    Oh boy! Mobile boobies! ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

  3. I'am Groot


  4. Duke Nemean

    so we wait 5 years also?

  5. Hector Lopez

    I NEED this game now

  6. Taylor Heil

    This is a 10 year step back…How unfortunate.

  7. Nuke Destro

    2:12 the best

  8. Nuke Destro

    4:56 she is wearing a lot t-t

  9. Dang Khoa Vo

    The texture definitely looks cleaner than the UE3 BnS on PC. I like it. I hope the UE4 BnS on PC will look even better

  10. Cortex Auth

    I am only one not excited? Except Asobimo MMOs and Arcane Legends I never liked any mobile MMO

  11. TinyShorts

    MAte u also chose a female and kid also character.. Why none of the male youtubers plat male characters in games?! IS there an agenda behind this?!BTW you play exatcly the same character as the others!! Greate job!!..

  12. Brandon Stark

    Do you guys not have phones?

  13. Lunar Fall


  14. Fate

    Can you change the language to English?

  15. Tundoi

    no boob physics no play

  16. wis wis

    6:507:40 looking for breast size slider

  17. ReLix

    I just wanna re-check if there's female Gon or not again in mobile, since English gonna release soon. Yup, so no Gon. Since race system 😢

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