Blade & Soul Online Wall Running Ice Warehouse Tour 1080p

One of the Newly released dungeons just a quick tour, it’s very small.
Trying to get all the way to the top! Then I got stuck in combat T_T

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  1. notteverde

    These maps are so well designed and created

  2. FlameHAZE2010

    There should never have been any doubt that this came was coming to the West. If all of NCSoft's other big name titles came here, why not B&S. :P

  3. ktyfiend

    Sheesh, it's like no one is aware how long it takes to localize games such as this. It took around a year for Aion to get translated for NA, and I'd assume it'd be a bit longer than that for BnS to even be fully translated. (And that's not counting voice overs, every npc talks in this….) I've been waiting since 09' and I'll still be one of the very first to log into this game once it hits NA.

  4. Sapone

    I really don't get what your problem is , do you want to play this awesome game so badly? Go to newgameway and buy an account + timecard and there you go , you can play for a full month , I did the same with TERA when it still was not out in the west , and i'll probably do the same with BnS

  5. YoungerOstrich9

    You know I made a comment a year ago saying I could wait two years for this I'm now at a point where I'm willing to learn korean and move to korea for this game

  6. spaceshipjessica

    What is the game like?. Is it like Tera and Aion, that were all eye candy with zero substance?.
    Not trying to badmouth B&S just curious.

  7. Rayyne

    Revolutionary aspects of BnS:
    — Graphics
    — Engine

    This is what scares me. The combat gets a passing grade, but it's not drool-worthy. Besides good graphics, engine and a decent combat system, MMO's these days fail to deliver on content. TERA was a one-trick pony themepark and GW2 didn't know WHAT it wanted to be. These MMO's had amazing presence at face value but when you dug deeper they leave so much to be desired. Hope BnS won't end up just being "BS". (like TERA and GW2)

  8. Kirelo

    Man i would give my bank account to BnS :) *cough cough 1 cent in there*

  9. WizPigTactics

    that's what keeps steparu playing the game.

  10. HarHar HarHar

    DUUUDE/GIIIRL You live in korea? Or there a way to get the game without living there? Like dragonball online, where you had to download english patches and cracks etc…

  11. Duo

    Because there was information from interviews that stated NCSoft initially had no interest in localization beyond the Asian regions.

    That info was roughly 3 years ago, I believe.

  12. Skeif13

    Can people elaborate on what they thought was bad about Tera? Or give an example of a game they liked? Btw holy shit this game looks awesome.

  13. trashcan7

    so much fucking want

  14. WaffenKamikaze

    wow,Alex Mercer flying.

  15. Shotin Play

    i jus started yesterday and i got 2 say the controls are hard 2 cope with but ill get it soon

  16. Shotin Play

    this area looks sweet 2

  17. Na No

    b&s looks so awesome!

  18. ٰ

    wow serious? Selfish much. Stop supporting b/c you cannot wait even longer? Serious? There are people that camp for days outside of hte store just to buy some consoles and they cannot wait >.>

  19. TheSirSadler

    omg I just want this damn game come out in the US already sjlfSDFJSDNAFjndsjakllAJBDLSAHIB2B

  20. TheLamppost444

    GW2 isn't that bad, WvW, dungeons, and starting new characters can keep it somewhat fun. Mostly WvW. And the new Flame and Frost stuff, while it can be quickly completed, has been fun. But it is starting to get old, especially when Anet has zero plans to make expansions anytime soon, if ever. Mostly it just stays entertaining if you have a fun active guild to do stuff with. Just find some free or cheap games to fill the time…and venture out of the MMO genre some.

  21. apercarlo

    i want this game so badly! heck even just running around looks fun :

  22. Tingly Bubbles

    Thank you :D

  23. Rowplen

    Happy new year to you too ! Happy first day of the year.

  24. Иван Гуськов

    and what if they used frostbite instead of cryengine? i thing that frostbite is more economic in computer resurses

  25. Ralph Soliano

    3:30 loli panties +_+

  26. Roland Klányi

    cute little girl :)

  27. Leonides

    bish on the right that axe looks so heavy even his back tells how heavy it is xD and for thesmal dude on the elft he has a badass stance

  28. Ellis Washington

    I demand you give me this game before i destroy all of mankind.

  29. Ellis Washington


  30. Mora

    Can Blade and Soul be played with a controller or is there a lot of skills and not enough buttons for a controller? If a controller can be used, do you know which control is better? Mouse/Keyboard or controller?

  31. iCoNiC-Gaming

    When it comes people will come back, if it comes AT ALL

  32. iCoNiC-Gaming

    I recommend a mouse/keyboard approach. It isn't about hotkeys (although there are a lot) I just think that playing it that way is a lot more funner. The parkour would be funner on a gamepad but combat on pc is more controllable in my opinion.

  33. Mora

    Ah okay. I'll see how it goes when it comes out. Although I'll probably forget by then. -_-"


  34. Vlican

    dang that's some awesome movement, beats Age of Wushu movement (which is pretty cool already)

  35. Rockyn Vilbar

    how do i find english players in the chinese server. i just started playing recently.

  36. ЗлатомиР АлександроВ

    Where is that weapon from?


    How is this entertaining? Even I join the translated russian server. Im guessing its private.


    can you jump from tree to tree just like on trailer?

  39. Mae Ryuu

    are you a girl steparu?

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