Blade & Soul Online Wall Running Cinematic Cam Short Clip

Just a short and awesome Blade & Soul Clip.
This was part of a mini series I was working on for B&S with NO UI + Cinematic Cam featuring gameplay only and a self written story line. Players can actually make a decent movie on their own with UI Off and Cinematic Camera.

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  1. Solace

    So any game that has a wall running mechanic he'll definitely enjoy lol

  2. Dragoon-BB

    It's like age of wushu flying skills..If it was more fun to actually do them X3.

  3. ultama7




  5. Tanneshia Milhouse

    how long do u guys think the layoff is gonna take with NCSOFT, probably thats the reason why they are not up to date with blade & soul

  6. Runato

    There's more than likely to be a huge amount of glitches with this, considering how wide of an area that place looked…Have you found any?

  7. Ploxton Plox

    he was just making a suggestion no need to be so bitchy

  8. GC9000

    Steparu, why must you tease me like this!!!!??? lol

  9. BaLoo lcon

    thats why i love thiis game

  10. hovsep56

    theyre not that wide than you think so dont worry (i played a private server of blade and soul)

  11. Aroder

    wish they release this game in north american already haha playing TERA is getin boring lawl

  12. Jonatas Nogueira

    Yeah, if you have time try warframe, its more casual and don't request much time to play or enjoy.

  13. Tony B46qqq

    THATS IT ?!

  14. kanufa

    I REALLY hope this gets released in America!

  15. Niburu Illyria

    i am in desperate love with this wall running ability in b&s… just xcfgghfhj

  16. Snow Blackfrost

    ugh i been sayin it a couple of years now but i'll say it again This game better come to EU fast xD

  17. Hurtlock

    Mounts have gone the way of the tab-targetter

  18. Kaoru Sugimura

    Hey step have you tried ArcheBlade? it is on steam in Open Beta at the moment.servers stay fairly full though but it is a great game. Mostly like it because it is great for LAN parties haha

  19. MaoLegend

    damn i can't wait for it to release in europe!

  20. KashHelvetica

    sooo the release date..developers are slackin

  21. Raine Stormy

    I think I'll be level one for a long time, because all I'm going to do is run around like this (^_^)

  22. dakaringer

    "You got a new letter! Click the title in the quest quick slot!" lol

  23. Marcus

    Ncsoft is so bad at letting us know what's up, so my qestion is do you?

  24. Obtrectator

    Where is your loli? x.x

  25. Ali Aliz

    they said its going 2 be on ps3 but dont know when

  26. Ali Aliz

    i"m 100% sure cuz they"ve got a contract with ps company so i hope it come out this year

  27. Gustav Ahlberg

    This game wont be on ps3 :S
    its an mmorpg for pc :o
    and its coming out 2014 acording to the english website

  28. Ahmetcan boyacı

    hey how to activate cinematic cam i cant find it ?

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