Blade & Soul Online Suwol Plains Extended Tour

Wall Running, Gliding, Exploring Suwol Plains :D!

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  1. Enki Enkid

    I fell in Love with this game ;)

  2. Ryshu

    Holy shit, this game looks absolutely gorgeous. I mean I understand if it's just a small area, but this map is huge. How is it even possible??

  3. RsDonuts

    How come you never talk in your videos? o-o
    Great videos but I've always wondered o-o

  4. Meleagru

    This makes GW2 look like shit.

  5. Tryna Fight

    Running up trees like in Naruto? :) I approve. :)

  6. Fayte

    Step do you ever answer your fans or do you just leave them hanging? Just wondering cuz you know that's how you get more subs but w/e ur vids are great

  7. shyaripoo

    end of this

  8. sanny aribado

    wow.. i never knew that this game was so cool.. thumbs up!

  9. nerunastus

    Can u make more tour videos? *.*

  10. Jim P


  11. Malice Mizer

    Looks amazing…Q_Q

  12. yoshinosakura

    nice loli lol.
    I am so fucking playing this game when it comes out in NA.

  13. BrownieVixen

    I love your Tours….soo beatiful Q.Q

  14. Illeria

    I'd have to steal a computer from NASA to have high details like this.

  15. Christian

    The vegetation looks still shabby, the plants are 2D in a 3D environment…they will never learn it…

  16. Edwin Brew

    the beginning is heilarious just a little girl carrying a 45 pound sword skipping as i proceed to jump of this tree and fly like a freaking bat

  17. SD BnS

    Stepari: *om nom nom*… Oh wait I have to make a tour *gets up, walk a little then run and fly*

  18. Alisia North

    I so want this game!!! 3

  19. john benasi

    omg man this game have so good grafhic love that game thanks for video bro

  20. Alexsis Yukii

    Steparu i was wondering what battle do you get that wigg from i really want that wig

  21. Xialoh

    Dear god, I want to play this game immediately.

  22. Xialoh

    I had a lot of arguments back before GW2 released wanting mounts. If GW2 had made traveling around even a fraction as awesome as it looks here, I'd have no room to complain at all >_>.

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