Blade & Soul Online Spiral Labyrinth The Minotaur 나선의 미궁 미노우 1080p

Chargeeeee!! Newly released dungeon, trying out new boss fights.
More info on boss right below.

This boss can be killed with 3 players if they are geared up enough.


1. MUST ALWAYS 5x bleeding on this boss as debuff because it has 150% regen.
2. Bring the boss near one of the four doors.
3. When the boss glows yellow and uses the clone skill it will charge afterwards.
4. Make sure your party aligns themselves with door on the wall.
5. There are two types of charges furthest away from the group and who has aggro.
6. Make sure you are near a wall when he is about to charge or align yourself near a wall.
7. It is better to fight this boss close to the wall.
8. If the first charge fails to hit a wall, you can stun boss and re-align it.
9. Enrages around 7 minutes.

Boss Stuff

1. 1 yellow shield buff 200% regen 1 laser | 1 Row of Chargers
2. 2 yellow shield buff 250% regen 2 lasers | 1 Row of Chargers
3. 3 yellow shield buff 300% regen 4 lasers | 2 Rows of Chargers
4. Has an AOE move that knocks back, usually followed by «Chargers»

The boss needs to crash into a wall to reset the shield buffs.

After the boss crashes into a wall, if there are any lasers around it will disappear.

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  1. Snow Blackfrost

    That grab . . . Looks kinda OP imo xDD

  2. Kaoru Sugimura

    @ 1:23 you can tell that cow knew he was screwed >.> poor guy didn't want to be released yet xD

  3. Angelo de Guzman

    what's VPN? maybe a guide on how to download, install and transact? :|

  4. MOStein

    You cant play this game if you dont live in Korea. You need a KSSN (Korean social security number, a Korean phone number, and a birth certificate. you also need to purchase the game with a Korean credit card. the only way you can play is find someone selling their account. you need a VPN (Virtual Private Network, so you dont lag or raise suspicion that you are from a different region) its borderline impossible and not worth it.
    Its best to just wait like everyone else in the NA/EU regions.

  5. ultama7

    LOL you all Beat the Crap out of that Minotaur!

  6. SuperOxm

    Can U show me some summoner pvp?? Thats a good class?

  7. HaUrAFoogling

    your going to end up with PETA on your ass if you keep this up ><

  8. Fabricio Ferreira

    is this Steparu's favorite mmorpg? =p
    this game looks awesome, I will play it when it arrives my region, doesnt matter if I will be 30 yrs old till there xD

  9. KashHelvetica

    Y game no come out for my region yet :(

  10. NIvek

    How do u heal in this game if theres no healer ?

  11. Adrian

    fucking america sucks! WHY CANT THEY MAKE GOOD MMORPGs!?!?

  12. YoraiDragon

    Potions, and Food.

  13. Joseph Rosario

    Wow, Rift, the secret world, City of heroes and villeins, Guild wars 1and 2 etc etc
    I think you should change your comment since its clearly wrong in every way.

  14. Searah

    can't help but feel the minotaur is being bullied and he is the innocent one in this situation =P

  15. Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen

    watching this made me laugh soooooooooo hard, is there anyway i can play this game in the us?

  16. Hunk Survivor

    inb4 grab nerfs XD

  17. 888GRM


  18. Travis Scott

    ayooo when this gonna be out for EU and NA?

  19. txhorns23

    steparu! do you no longer live stream!?? i loved watching you everyday… :(

  20. zKyo7763s

    I saw this patch came out with the 3v3 ranked tournaments. Mind upload some gameplay of that? I'm really interested if NCSoft will try to push this to a competitive MMO! thanks~

  21. Salty

    soory if this noob question is BS is pay to play or it also got free to play? when it came out for english version?

  22. Lisacha09

    that's because it's still in development for the west ^^

  23. Renas88

    Max lvl is 45?

  24. Antonio Hernandez

    hey step, u know when is the game out in america???

  25. Mirppz

    Not sure if trolling but, u haven't actually played the game, so shut the fuck up please. It's nothing like TERA, i've played both and i can say this.

  26. Salty

    thx for info

  27. QioCube

    I'd honestly prefer to get this earlier than wildstar. Been waiting since 2009.

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