Blade & Soul Online Spiral Labyrinth 2nd Floor Time Attack Run

Clear this floor in 15minutes or reset dungeon T_T!
Boss Tactic Below! 5:35


1. Do not try to kill the adds.
2. The longer you stand near your ADD the more «bomb debuff» stack you get.
3. Once you or your party member has 10 «bomb debuff» stack run to the boss.
4. Let your party member know or they will die to bomb.
5. If the boss has a Fire Mine, then you must collect a «ice bomb debuff stack»
6. If the boss has a Ice Mine, then you must collect a «fire bomb debuff stack»
7. If you party is using mic, the person who collects 10 stacks should bomb first.
8. If you are not bombing step out of the circle to remove all of your stacks.
9. Use immune skills when delivering the bomb.


1. Simple pattern when you are in CLOSE range you can just run left and right.
2. Long Range Pattern — 1st Fireball, 2nd Fireball, 3rd Fireball, 4th force grab.
3. The adds pattern also changes when it summons a big Spirit Bomb at the boss.
4. You can evade the pull in with SS or immune skills.
5. If you decided to eat force grab, just press F and go back to DPS boss.


1. The boss has a debuff that makes everyone’s attack do 1/4 damage.
2. To remove this debuff you must use a «bomb» explained above.
3. 1 person bomb the boss with the right element.
4. After boss is bombed, everyone go in and DPS boss.
5. After the boss is bombed, it will Force Grab someone Stun or Knock it down immediately.
6. If your party fails to stun or kd, the boss will heal HP.
7. DPS the boss while tanking your ADD.
8. It will summon a Spirit Bomb use SS or other immune skills to dodge.
9. DPS the boss again until the debuff mine reappears.
10. Go back to your ADD and collect bomb stacks, repeat.

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  1. Furorentsu

    That looks insane

  2. YoungerOstrich9

    and I thought vindictus on hero mode was hard .____. …

  3. Painless Viking

    hey amn..i nneed to ask there a english version for this game..please respond to me..this game its SUPER MEGA AWESOEM..

  4. Dmony

    dat destroyer with super attack speed or cooldown or whatever is called lol

  5. doubleeyelid

    @Stefan TheSkillZ check out Atomix Blade and Soul, they are the first and i think only English private server.

  6. doubleeyelid

    Hey Steparu, which class do you recomend for PVP and PVE (dungeons, instance and boss)

  7. qq zz


  8. Ibrahim Wazzi

    Ahh how I wish they had a dual katana class, they so teased me with the blade master's pic that showed him wielding 2 swords but he only uses 1 and that long range thing

    Also, it looks a bit repetitive step. Is it cause you are in a party and u're just spamming skills or is this normal? -cause i saw vids where people were combining skills and doing very awesome combos to take down strong monsters and such, is that useful only in solo?-

  9. Jayaresee

    Steparu, you've probably been asked this question a million times, but how do you get these games?! I've tried to play games that are only in Korea but I can't because of those darn Korean SSN, and do you lag (ping) at all? Answer would be greatly appreciated, thanks. :)

  10. Göjö

    Steparu, can u do some PVP videos too? i like ur PVE boss run but i'm a PVPer so i enjoy watching some PVP action too ^^

  11. NOFACE カオナシ

    You can play the private server of Blade and Soul . Just Google "ATOMIX Blade and Soul"

  12. Skyll3t

    What fps do you have?

  13. Neta Wasserman

    And I thought grabbing the minotaur looked ridiculous :p

  14. Marvin Eifler

    wanna play 2 !!!!

  15. doubleeyelid

    Ah oke, from what I've seen in your Videos, Blade master seems to have the attack/def and AoE skills. But i'm just guessing.

  16. Nexion

    When is it coming out in America

  17. YoraiDragon

    That was awesome step, good stuff!

  18. MOStein

    Closest estimated times the game may be available are.
    CBT Q1 2013 (January, February, March)
    Full launch Summer of 2013.

  19. SinPunisher

    lol where did you hear that? It's one of the most played games in South Korea and challenges StarCraft 2 in popularity. It's one of the games bedies GW2 that's keeping NCsoft afloat.

  20. YoraiDragon

    @iamROOSTBLOB sounds like the forums you went to are a bunch of haters, or you're getting TERA mixed up with bns. Thats the mmo that failed

  21. v

    what's "ADD"??

  22. AzatisS

    PVE wise , all mmorpgs are about spam more or less.

    PVP wise though i think this game shines , with block , dodge , aiming , stun , counters playing a big role.

    So yes , it is action and all these matters. But PVE wise what do you expecting really. Its always avoid X , avoid Z , spam

  23. AzatisS

    Steparu is this game heavy ?

    What are your PC specs to actually play on these graphic qualities , take aside recording?

  24. 「RED」

    Does running around actually help to even dodge the mob's attack?

  25. Magos Meckami

    Ooooh man, blademaster looks beast!

  26. Defeatenonce

    how can you understand korean…

  27. Сергей Емелин

    What the OST during battle? It so intense!

  28. Revoca

    Do you know when realse date is and …. Do you still play and if you fall without gliding do you take fall damage

  29. Blues BX

    5:57 I see why they call that class berserker now… Swing'n dat axe like a boss

  30. Askr

    its destroyer anti

  31. M.A.D

    SteparuTV, is this game like Dragon Nest? meaning is it hack and slash? and combo fighting?

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