Blade & Soul Online Skill Customized Preset Preload Tutorial

Just a short video for my Guild showing how to save their own
customized multiple skill presets and load them on the go!

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  1. R Parka

    첫댓글은 내가…!

  2. Wllt

    So cute! ♥.♥ and..
    when we will have a live streaming?

  3. Marrella Cambria

    X-X too cute omg D:

  4. Setonex


  5. Justin Irwin

    Did you play TERA Steparu? I know they both use the same engine so I'm curious if the UI has loading and lagg issues like TERA had?

  6. doubleeyelid

    Starlight Moonlight dance!

  7. ultama7

    omg yesh!! Live streaming

  8. Hotbox Nerd

    Your Character is so cute lol, she looks nervous and shy haha. (I would almost never say a game character was cute…..this one is an exception)

  9. TheMoog

    God I wish I could speak/read korean so I could play all these amazing games.

  10. Emunk Danoti

    speak/read isnt the big problem right now. the problem is, how could we register to play this game. lol KSSN require.

  11. NY - Buddy

    i know i know that dance, i've seen it before

  12. Kashiusu

    no need to know how to speak/read to play this game. google is your friend and take note of important thing. (I played 1 month on KR Bns)

  13. Tokiomy

    what version of the game is this?

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