Blade & Soul Online Poking Frogs and Stuff

Finished working… kind of sleepy. Here is my Tsundere Assassin.
Level 15 now, want to get level 45 before new content is out but… so busy T_T

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  1. Masta


  2. Marcus Vinicius Cadaval Viana

    B&S is high ping dependent ?
    its enjoyable with 300ms ?

  3. Ernesto D.

    idk but i feel combat in this game is pretty much perfect…. not too fast, but flashy, not too easy, really player skill based… i love it

  4. Clockworks

    Why you kill the awesome hat wearing frogs huh? Explain yourself sir. ';…;'

  5. WilleeTV

    is the combat like tera? In the way that you become static when you cast a spell :)

  6. Hotbagels

    Dat mine :p

  7. Hotbagels

    This game is so amazing. And yet it's been out for years in asia….

  8. Hotbagels

    Dude, I hear ya. I saw this so long ago and was feeling so good. Yet still here I am unable to play it. W/e right Something better will come along.

  9. Mike The Gamer

    poor frogs : (

  10. TassadarGR

    i bet it is ping dependant especially if you play assassin or lbmm that hit faster than rest classes
    when you face others that have same ping yes,it can be enjoyable.but when you face Koreans with 20 ping is not enjoyable at all

  11. Sten A

    Your ping seems much better than mine, since I attack like 2 times slower with assassin. xD How did you get that dobok btw? I'm level 15 aswell with several characters (trial thingy) but haven't found it.

  12. Archdevilneverfails Baggins

    Is this game FTP and is it available in NA?

  13. RapidRelief

    No and no. Please google before you ask these types of questions.

  14. TassadarGR

    how come they keep players just from art alone?i mean game has no serious content at all.they still haven't learnt from Tera?

  15. koagz

    type in google "blade & soul 2014" should be the first link.

  16. Lee Boy

    which VPN are you using Steprururu?

  17. BlazinBro786

    Hopefully there is a way to play the Chinese version when it's released there AND I hope there plans for 2014 western released changes :C

  18. ashkan dehno

    why dont you just buy an account from newgameway and play the kr blade & soul, its not that expensive and its much faster that waiting a whole year. you can also buy a vpn that only you can use so you wont have to share is, on the site.

  19. lokghostly

    im still hopeful about this game…even more kinda wondering if its going to be like tera… p2p for a year and then f2p after.

  20. hkharpster

    Sigh…Why isn't this game coming to NA :(

  21. Tainted126

    It is you tool. 2014

  22. hkharpster

    If you look at the NCsoft road map of releases there are two games coming out from now till 2014. Wildstar and the new linage game. An seeing that the linage game isn't even in beta yet in Korea. It doesn't look like its coming out.

  23. Aurora

    I want it now. I want it this year. I want it this summer. I don't care, I just want it. To hell with 2014, they already got everything done for the english version. Fuck it. No, this is not fair.

  24. Francesco Lambertini

    when will be relased the game for you?

  25. TacoTicoMan

    Where can i download this game?

  26. Sten A

    Ah I see. :p I don't think I can use auction house cause I don't have a sub atm. Can't open boxes either, so annoying. T.T

  27. Ahmetcan boyacı

    You can do solo po-hwa-rang with your assassin :D i am so excited , your pvp videos will be epic/awesome

  28. RissaRoo

    I want this out for America NOW QQ. I've waited so long! xD

  29. ashkan dehno

    yes you would because you can re-verificate yuo accont from newgameway and i myself use a normal accont from them and i havent experinced any problems at all, but of course that dosent mean that its 100 % safe but you just have to bet on that it is

  30. TassadarGR

    I don't think that ncsoft will ask for re-verification.someone has to report that you use that kind of account,but you never know.anyway,if i buy normal account i have to buy account renewal too?

  31. ashkan dehno

    only 7 days before your account expires

  32. TassadarGR

    instead of wanting the game now,pray that we don't have to wait till 2014

  33. Mody Mohei

    damm the game is fun cant wait

  34. Francesco Lambertini


  35. ashkan dehno

    what ehh, its not that hard to belive is it

  36. DeathKnightNanaya

    Interesting outfit her pants look a bit….baggy lol

  37. silvk1000

    these small frogs have pretty awesome hats

  38. Joey P

    I really wanna play this .-.

  39. Chris Ellis

    T-T NCsoft hurry up with the english version

  40. mark conway

    I WISH they come out with games like this is the western market. WHY the hell not?

  41. joseph sereda

    and every month you pay to use wtfast ?

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